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What is ZoneX

What are ZoneX nicotine pouches? A guide

Learn all about ZoneX patches - how to use them, what the pouches contain, what the packaging looks like, as well as about the flavours and strengths available.

ZoneX nicotine pouches are inspired by Swedish snus, and are Imperial Brands Science’s tobacco-free answer to oral nicotine products. 


How do you use ZoneX nicotine pouches?

By placing the nicotine pouch underneath your top lip, you are allowing the nicotine to be absorbed through your gums and into your bloodstream. You will feel the nicotine boost immediately. Usually you keep each pouch under your lip for approximately 20 minutes. Once those 20 minutes have passed, the flavour and strength of the pouch will begin to fade.

Although 20 minutes is the time prescribed for optimal enjoyment, you can of course keep the pouches under your lip for up to an hour – it is all about your personal preference. However, ZoneX recommends using no more than 8 pouches per day.

As an all white product, ZoneX nicotine pouches will not stain your teeth after use. The all white characteristics also means that drip has been minimised, which means that you can enjoy the taste and nicotine levels of your pouch for longer.

If you are only just beginning to use nicotine pouches, please note that you may feel a slight tingling or burning sensation in the spot where the pouch touches your lip and gums. This is perfectly normal, and simply means that the nicotine is being absorbed. However, if you want to decrease any discomfort, you can try moving the pouch around, so that it touches different areas of the lip and gums.


What do ZoneX pouches contain?

As they are completely tobacco free, ZoneX pouches instead use plant fibers, together with the nicotine, as a filler. The pouches also contain flavourings, humectants to keep the pouches moist, and sodium chloride and sodium carbonate to ensure stability. Thus, there is nothing in your pouch that you would not expect to find in common supermarket foods.

The good news is that ZoneX nicotine pouches are 100% gluten free!


What does the ZoneX packaging look like?

The ZoneX cans are very clean and crisp, with a largely white surface interrupted only by the logo and a display of the pouch strength. Each can contains 24 pouches.

The cans also have a nifty little side pocket that can hold used pouches. So if you finish a pouch but have nowhere to throw it out, simply place it in the can’s designated space until you find a trash can.

The ZoneX cans are also completely recyclable, so please discard them responsibly into the plastic recycling bin once you have finished all your pouches.


What flavours and strengths does ZoneX have?

ZoneX caters to nicotine pouch consumers’ main palate by offering a blend of menthol and mint flavour only.

These minty pouches are available in two different strengths – 8 mg (known as #2) and 14 mg (known as #3).


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