What are Velo pouches? Ultimate guide

What are Velo pouches? Ultimate guide

Velo is credited as being the number one nicotine pouch in Scandinavia – which is something to boast of, as the homeland of nicotine pouches is Sweden. (Although in Scandinavia, Velo is known as LYFT). A definite perk of Velo pouches is that they are classed as “all white”, which means that they will not stain your teeth with use.

How to use Velo

The slogan for Velo is “Twist it. Tuck it. Feel it” – which perfectly describes the process of consuming a Velo pouch. “Twist” the lid off the can, “tuck” the pouch between your top lip and gums, and “feel” that nicotine boost kick in.

When you first start using nicotine pouches, you may feel a tingling sensation under your lip. This is a natural reaction to the nicotine being absorbed through your skin, and the feeling will fade over time as you use nicotine pouches. If you feel uncomfortable, experienced users recommend that you move the pouch around under the lip, so that it touches other spots of your lip and gums. Typically, you should feel the nicotine boost pretty immediately, and a Velo nicotine pouch will last for around 30 minutes, as you discreetly carry on with your day.

The different strengths of Velo pouches

There are four different choices of strength available: Mellow, Medium, Strong and Extra Strong. If you are new to nicotine pouches, Velo recommends that you should begin by using mellow, before venturing into the stronger options. The Velo cans have an easy-to-follow dot system printed on the front, displaying four dots that are either filled in or empty to indicate how strong the pouches are.

The Velo nicotine pouch variants

There are currently several flavours of Velo nicotine pouches available on the UK market. Some of the most popular flavours are ruby berry, urban vibe, mint and citrus. However, mint and citrus have repeatedly been voted as the most popular flavours among users.


There are also four nicotine levels available in 2 mg, 4 mg, 10 mg and 10,9 mg.

What do Velo nicotine pouches contain?

Velo is made from plant-based materials, nicotine, flavourings (aromas), sweeteners and water. As they contain water, they are classed as moist nicotine pouches, which means that the user’s saliva is not needed to activate the nicotine absorption process. While dry pouches need to be placed on the tongue for moisture, Velo nicotine pouches can quickly and discreetly be inserted under your lip while you’re on the go.

Some users recommend keeping moist nicotine pouches in the fridge in order to retain their moisture; however, this is not necessary, and you can keep them in your pocket or bag for easy access. Wherever you choose to keep them, it is important to shield them from direct sunlight in order to prevent them from drying out.

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