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What are Velo pouches? Ultimate guide

What are VELO Pouches? A VELO Pouch Review

What is VELO? They are one of the leading nicotine pouch brands in the UK and have a vast catalogue of carefully curated pouches. Discover VELO with our flavour review, strength guide and all you need to know about this popular brand.

What is VELO?

VELO nicotine pouches are a Swedish brand of pouches, made from plant-based fibres, flavouring and nicotine with a gum base. 


VELO Pouch Features

  • All white/tobacco-free

  • 3 strengths available

  • 14 different flavours

  • 20 pouches per can

  • 3 different pouch sizes

VELO Flavours

VELO pouches come in 14 different flavours:

  • VELO Freeze Pouches
  • VELO Cooling Storm
  • VELO Ice Cool
  • VELO Polar Mint
  • VELO Urban Vibe
  • VELO Watermelon Mint
  • VELO Ruby Berry pouches
  • VELO Royal Violet
  • VELO Tropic Breeze
  • VELO Citrus Mint
  • VELO Tropical Ice
  • VELO Cherry Ice
  • VELO Strawberry Ice
  • VELO Orange Ice


VELO Pouches Review: Top 5 Pouches

We ranked and reviewed our top 5 favourite VELO pouches. 

1. VELO Freeze

Our favourite, VELO Freeze X-Strong, give the perfect sting of peppermint. The sharpness of the mint cuts as you open the can and makes a refreshing change from the classic sweet mints you tend to get with nicotine pouches. Be warned, when you first place the pouch they do have a slight bite - but the softness of the pouch makes them comfortable once you get over the initial intense tingle. The experience lasts around 40 minutes and gives you a powerful kick for the duration.

2. VELO Ice Cool

Our favourite, the VELO Ice Cool Strong, give you the mint chills. The smell and taste of peppermint is perfectly balanced with a base note of menthol. Each portion sits nicely between the upper lip and gum, noone will notice it is there. There is an initial cooling sensation when you situate your pouch, but as you settle in with the flavour you begin to taste the sweetness of peppermint with the touch of the cooling menthol underneath. It gives a full mint kick for around 40 minutes (much like VELO Freeze), but is a gentler and slightly sweeter flavour experience for those who prefer a less sharp mint.


3. VELO Polar Mint

Another staple mint flavour pouch to keep on hand. These pouches come in both the mini and slim portions (but VELO Polar Mint Mini are a favourite). These also have spearmint at the core of the flavour, but focus more on the sweet dimension. Each pouch is subtly sweet and smooth, making for a comfortable mint experience with minimal kick compared to VELO Ice Cool or VELO Freeze. When the pouch is situated, you get to the real depth of the flavour and a feel a gentle chilling sensation. Each pouch gives around 45 minutes of impact, with the nicotine feeling less intense than some of the other VELO mint flavours. 

VELO Polar Mint are perfect for lovers of a sweeter spearmint flavour and for anyone who wants a less powerful nicotine kick. 


4. VELO Tropic Breeze

The VELO Tropic Breeze - the pouch for the lover of all things tropical flavoured. When you open the can, you are greeted by the tart scent of tropical fruits with an almost citrus note. The flavour is not too dissimilar, with noticeable mandarin and mango notes to give ensure the flavour is not too acidic or too sweet. This tropical flavour lasts around 40 minutes, giving the true tropical tang consistently throughout use. 


5. VELO Urban Vibe

A favourite thanks to the familiar flavour, the VELO Urban Vibe pouches have a similar scent to your favourite energy drink. These pouches are subtle and sweet, with an almost redcurrant taste. They sit comfortably and give around 40 minutes of continual tangy redcurrant flavour. 

VELO Strengths


VELO nicotine pouches come in 6 different strengths:

  1. Less Intense (4mg/pouch)

  2. Medium (6mg/pouch)

  3. Strong (10mg/pouch)

  4. Extra Strong (11mg/pouch)

  5. ULTRA (14mg/pouch)

  6. MAX (17mg/pouch)


VELO Pouch Sizes

VELO make 2 different pouch sizes:

  1. Slim

  2. Mini


VELO Slim vs VELO Mini

VELO mini pouches are fractionally smaller than VELO slim pouches, and also come in a smaller can. They also have a lower nicotine strength compared to the slim pouches (for example, VELO Polar Mint Slim has 10mg/pouch vs VELO Polar Mint Mini which has 8mg/pouch). 

However, both fit comfortably (and discreetly) between your upper lip and gum. 

VELO Ingredients

VELO pouch ingredients include:

  • Nicotine

  • Water

  • Flavourings 

  • Sweetners

  • Plant-based materials

VELO Price

The cost of a can of VELO pouches is around £6.49, but you can also save by buying packs of 5 or 10 cans!

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