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What are Klint Nicotine Pouches A Guide

What are Klint Nicotine Pouches? A Guide

Klint is the first brand produced by HABIT FACTORY, a Scandinavian-based firm. The pouches are all-white, with twelve flavours and varying nicotine content (from 6mg up to 12mg).

How do I use Klint nicotine pouches?

In order to get the full effect, simply pop the pouch so it is tucked between your top lip and gums. You will then feel the buzz kick in, with this sensation lasting for up to 30 minutes. Klint pouches are slim, giving the advantage of being discreet. Klint pouches can be kept in for up to an hour, after which you should throw the pouch in the bin or place it in the storage area of the can’s lid until you are able to appropriately dispose of the used pouches.

How do I pick the right strength nicotine pouch for me?

When deciding on the strength of the product, it is good to consider your previous usage of nicotine products. As a rule of thumb if you are unsure, start with a lower strength (6mg) and see how that feels.

How do I pick a Klint flavour?

In general, when trying to pick your flavour, here is some guidance:

If you like a fruity flavour, pick either Rose, White Mulberry, Honeymelon, Passionfruit, Fresh Lime, Blåklint or Pomegranate.

If you like traditional freshness, pick either Mint, Freeze Mint, Polar Mint or Breeze Mint.

If you want a truly Scandinavian flavour experience, pick Klint’s Liquorice flavour.

Still can’t decide? Take a closer look at our selection of Klint nicotine pouches!

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