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What is Skruf?

What are Skruf nicotine pouches? A guide

Skruf nicotine pouches are produced by the same Swedish company that brings us Skruf snus. However, they have now branched out from snus and chew to create this tobacco-free nicotine pouch that promises to offer you the great quality that you have come to expect from a Skruf product.

What does Skruf's packaging look like?

Skruf nicotine pouch cans have a very elegant and sleek look – the can consists of a white design with only thin slivers of colour that denote the flavour and strength of the pouches. The cans also show that this product is super white, which means that it will not stain your teeth, and that drip is minimised. A great advantage of minimal drip is the fact that the flavour and strength of the pouches lasts longer.

Skruf contains 20 pouch portions per can.

What do Skruf nicotine pouches contain?

As the pouches are 100% tobacco free, they only contain a filling of natural fibers – which is what makes them all white – as well as nicotine and different aromas for the flavours.

In fact, there are 9 different flavour options for Skruf, and the company is renowned for offering non-traditional tastes. While it still produces mint, a firm favourite among nicotine pouch users, it also offers uniquely Nordic flavours such as blackcurrant, liquorice, cranberry and blackberry. Skruf is also known for regularly releasing new flavours, and so customers can always look forward to the next palate sensation. You never know when your new favourite might hit shelves!

Importantly, Skruf offers two different pouch sizes: regular and slim. The regular sizes are on a par with the traditional pouch size that long-time snus users may be accustomed to using. The slim pouches are smaller than the regular pouches, and are touted as fitting perfectly and discreetly under the top lip, so that no lip bulge can be detected. The great thing about using nicotine pouches is that you can consume them in public spaces without detection and without disturbing the people around you.

Users of Skruf nicotine pouches have praised the pouch material for its comfort levels, as it does not chafe like fabric against their lips, and allows the nicotine to permeate the pouch well.

What nicotine strengths does Skruf offer?

The Skruf cans clearly display the four different strengths that are available using a measure, in which 1-4 squares are filled depending on strength. Four filled squares mean Extra Strong, and, in fact, this Extra Strong variant is one of the strongest pouches on the market with a nicotine level of 18 mg/g. The lowest nicotine level option (2 filled squares) is 8 mg/g and 3 filled squares conveys 12 mg/g. Thus, there is a strength to suit most nicotine pouch users.

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