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Veev One Review

VEEV One Review

The Veev vape, made by leading vape brand IQOS, has proven to be a popular starter kit device for people looking for a great flavour at a great price. The Veev starter kit offers higher than average puff duration, ensuring that the user can expect long-lasting vaping compared with other disposables.

While far from the only refillable vaping product on the market, the Veev One starter kit does have a range of advantages and features that give it a clear advantage over other nicotine vaping devices, and especially single use devices. In this post, we'll outline everything you need to know about this increasingly popular line of vapes, including what makes them appealing, why they can be a good option for ex-smokers, and why you might just decide to ditch the disposable vapes and pick up a Veev One starter kit. Let's dive in.

Veev One: An Introduction

The vape market has exploded in recent years, especially since so many ex smokers are turning to vaping as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. As such, a vape user has a wealth of vaping kit options at their disposal. But as we've come to see, not every puff device is created equal. The ones that stand out are the ones that offer a range of quality flavours, a tight draw, easy-to-change pods, a smooth inhale activated experience.

On these fronts, the Veev vape more than delivers. IQOS had already shown that it knew how to make a quality disposable vape following the release of the Veev Now disposable vape. Now that the Veev One starter kit has hit the stores, Veev has shown that it can bring the same great experience -- and the same sweet flavours and taste -- to the refillable device sector.

Veev One: Key Features

Let's dive into some of the key features of this vaping pack:

Easy to Use

Using the Veev One is even easier than it is to smoke a cigarette. All you need to do is open the starter kit packaging, take out the device, add a Veev One Pod (if not already inserted), and inhale. Just like that, you'll be enjoying the creamy taste of the toasted tobacco flavour, blue raspberry, blue mint, or whichever other of your favourite flavours you opted to buy.

Excellent Design

For most people that use a vape, it's the flavours that are on offer that matters the most. Still, the design of the vape counts for something too. Indeed, when you read negative reviews of vaping products, they usually either mention the functionality or design of the vape.

As soon as you open your Veev One pack, you'll notice that this is one vape where the designers have clearly thought about appearance. The Veev vape is sleek and compact, and comes in a mix of colours that ensures it'll look just as good in your hand as it does in your mouth.

Long-Lasting Battery:

As we said above, the Veev One device is light and compact, which makes it a great option for long days out on the town. And unlike other vaping products, the Veev range of vapes is one that allows you to enjoy the great taste of your preferred flavour all day long. The long-lasting battery means you can puff, puff, puff away on your refreshing nicotine e liquid risk free, since you'll know that it's unlikely to run out of charge anytime soon. The precise amount of time the battery lasts will vary depending on how often you take a drag on your Veev, but it's usually not an issue.

Plus, remember that, unlike disposable vapes, the Veev One is rechargeable. And not only that, but it offers fast charging. Simply pop a charging cable in your bag, and you'll always be able to enjoy the sweet taste of those pod flavours when you're out on the town.

Variety of Flavour Options

People often look at vaping as an alternative to consuming nicotine via smoking cigarettes thanks to the range of flavours on offer. With cigarettes, there's really only one flavour on offer: tobacco. When you invest in a Veev One device, you'll have a whole host of vape flavours available to you. Perhaps you'd like to try a tobacco flavour in liquid form, or you'd like to try a mint flavour. Some people prefer a fruit flavour such as blueberry.

Whatever type of flavour you're interested in, you'll find that Veev One vape kit has what you're looking for. There are many refreshing flavours to choose from, at least as many compared with other leading brands. Plus, the vape liquid comes in pods that are easily switched out. By a pack of various vape flavours and see which one you enjoy most!

Long-Lasting Pods

We've already mentioned how the Veev One can serve as an alternative to a traditional cigarette. But did you know it can also serve as an alternative to a single use vape? A one-time vape can certainly offer a great e liquid experience, but they don't tend to last much longer than 600 inhales. The Veev One contains more e liquid, which means you can inhale risk free, secure in the knowledge that it'll last longer. While the number of puffs will vary depending on how long you inhale for, in general you can assume you'll get more than a 1000 puffs, which is significantly more than a disposable vape. Ultimately, more juice in the pods means you can enjoy your Veev vape flavour for longer. Perfect!

Veev One: How To Use it

IQOS couldn't have made it easier for new users to begin using the Veev kit. It's a simple three step process:

  • - Open the packaging
  • - Remove the vape
  • - Inhale


And that's it, you can puff away. Keep in mind that this is a rechargeable and refillable device, so if you can begin to to notice that you're getting a burnt taste flavour instead of a blue raspberry flavour, then it probably means that your Veev One device is out of juice, and you'll need to replace the pod. It's usually best to buy multiple vapes pods at once, so you always have access to nicotine vape liquid. If there's nicotine liquid but nothing happens, then you probably just need to charge the battery.

Veev One: Available Flavours

A robust, well functioning vape kit is great, but if you're like most vapers, then you probably want a review of the flavours available to you. So what kind of nicotine pod flavours can you use with the Veev One starter kit? You'll be happy to know that there are a bunch of different flavour pods available, about the same as is available for the Veev Now disposable vape. Some of the most popular Veev One flavour options include:

  • - Blue Mint
  • - Blueberry
  • - Classic tobacco
  • - Mango


The flavour is supplemented by 2mg of nic salts nicotine. The Veev vape uses ceramic heating technology to turn the liquid in the pods into a refreshing, cooling vapour that provides your mouth with a full flavour experience.

Veev One: The Bottom Line

It's no surprise that IQOS would produce a great refillable vape product, and that's just what the Veev One is. For people looking to switch from smoke to vape, the Veev One will be an appealing option, especially since Veev pods come in so many different flavours, including classic tobacco, blueberry, and mint.

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Is the Veev One a Good Vaping Product?

A customer review will typically state that the Veev One starter kit offers an enhanced vaping experience. Powered by ceramic heating technology, it can be used with pods in a variety of flavours, including cooling mint and tobacco.

Is the Veev One Rechargeable?

Yes, the Veev One is rechargeable. Simply plug into the provided cable and it'll be fully charged in as little as 45 minutes.

How Do I Use a Veev One Vape?

To use the Veev One vape, simply remove from the packaging and start puffing. The pods for the Veev can be changed, so when the liquid runs out, simply pop in another classic tobacco or mint pod, and you can use it again.

Is the Veev One Affordable?

Though it's more expensive than a single use Veev product, it's also rechargeable and refillable, which is cost effective in the long run.

Who Makes the Veev One?

Veev is made by IQOS, one of the leading brands in the vaping industry.

How Long Does The Veev One Last?

A fully charged Veev One will last all day, more or less, though it's best to carry the small charger that's included in the Veev box just in case!

How Much Nicotine Is In a Veev One Pod?

Veev pods contain 20 ml of 2 mg nicotine. 
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