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Elf Bar ELFA Pro Pods & Kits

Meet the Elf Bar ELFA PRO, the upgraded version of the original ELFA Pod Kit, making waves in the vaping world. The Elf Bar ELFA pod PRO is available in an array of colours and boasts an extensive selection of compatible prefilled pod flavours, all enriched with 20mg of nicotine salts.
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Elfa Pro Pod Kits 

Elfa Pro Pods 

Elf Bar ELFA PRO: An Upgraded Vape Kit

Say goodbye to traditional Elf Bar 600 and say hello to the ELFA pod vape kit—a cost-effective, portable, and rechargeable pod vape system. The ELFA PRO pod vape kit delivers a straightforward vaping experience similar to disposables, but with the added advantage of reusability for a more sustainable alternative to throw-away vapes as they reduce the amount of vape waste.

Each ELFA PRO device comes equipped with one prefilled pod, but you can easily purchase interchangeable prefilled pods and swap them out of your pod vape kit as you please. Order today on Haypp!

Elf Bar ELFA Overview

  • - Compact Pod Vape Kit
  • - Rechargeable 500mAh battery
  • - USB-C Chargable (purchased separately)
  • - Compatible 2ml pre-filled pods (available in 20 flavours)
  • - 20mg (2%) nic salt per pod
  • - Up to 600 puffs
  • - Inhale Activation

Elf Bar ELFA PRO: The Starter ELFA PRO Vape Kits

Each Elf Bar ELFA PRO kit is equipped with a USB-C port (which is rechargeable using a USB Type-C cable, sold separately) and is compatible with ELFA pods and ELFA PRO pods. Each kit includes one ELFA PRO device and one pod. The colour of the device you choose determines the flavour pod included in the kit. Currently, there are five Elf Bar ELFA PRO starter kits to choose from:


Device ColourPod Flavour Included
BlackBlue Razz Lemonade
Navy BlueBlueberry Sour Raspberry
Aurora GreenApple Peach
Twilight BlueMixed Berries
Aurora PurpleWatermelon
Aurora BlueKiwi Passion Fruit Guava
Twilight BrownCola
Twilight PinkPink Lemonade


The Original ELFA vape kit will be discontinued. You can still use any of your old ELFA pods with the new ELFA pod vape kit.

Features of the Elf Bar ELFA PRO Range

  • - Sleek Metallic Vape Pen Design. The Elf Bar ELFA PRO boasts a compact and lightweight design, featuring a durable build quality reminiscent of a slim pen for effortless portability. Moreover, you can choose from eight different metallic options to suit your style including Aurora Green and Twilight Brown.
  • - Rechargeable Battery. Each ELFA PRO is equipped with a USB-C port, facilitating quick USB charging with a USB-C cable. The 500mAh internal battery ensures a lasting vaping experience, and when your pod runs dry, you can conveniently recharge the battery.
  • - Up to 600 Puffs Per Pod. One ELFA PRO pod will give you up to 600 puffs, and each bar ELFA PRO pod pack comes with 2 pods prefilled with 2ml of e-liquid that will give you 1200 puffs per pack of prefilled pods.
  • - A Multitude of Elf Bar Flavour Options. True to Elf Bar's reputation, each ELFA PRO pod comes prefilled with 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid, available in a diverse range of over 30 distinct flavours, ranging from Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava to Cotton Candy and  Strawberry Ice Cream.
  • - QUAQ Mesh Coil. The Elf Bar ELFA PRO features a QUAQ mesh coil, which helps reduce waste and improve the efficiency of your pod kit device by using more e-liquid from each pod and ensuring the vape juice flavour remains consistent throughout the lifetime of the ELFA PRO pod.

Elf Bar ELFA PRO Flavours

When choosing your ELFA PRO prefilled pod, you can choose from a selection of ten distinct flavours that are unique to Elf Bar. Each ELFA PRO prefilled pod was developed to work well with the QUAQ mesh coil and give an improved flavour. The full list of ELFA PRO Pod e-liquid flavours features:

  • - Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  • - Apple Peach
  • - Cherry Cola
  • - Blue Razz Lemonade
  • - Mixed Berries
  • - Watermelon
  • - Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice
  • - Pink Lemonade
  • - Tropical Fruit
  • - Pineapple Lemon Qi


Pineapple Lemon QiThe ELFA Pro pods come in a range of great flavours. However, the top 3 flavours based on customer reviews are:

  1. 1. ELFA PRO Prefilled Pods Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice
  2. 2. ELFA PRO Prefilled Pods Blue Razz Lemonade
  3. 3. ELFA PRO Prefilled Pods Watermelon

Elf Bar Pod Nicotine Strength

Elf Bar ELFA PRO pods come prefilled with e-liquid containing 20mg of liquid nicotine salt, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience. Each pod is ready for use—simply charge your ELFA PRO device and fit a compatible pod to begin vaping!

Setting Up an Elf Bar ELFA PRO Pod Kit: Getting Started

Using the Elf Bar ELFA kit is easy and relatively hassle-free. There are 5 steps to get underway with your Elf Bar ELFA:

  1. 1. Use a USB-C charging cable (not included in the kit) and fully charge the battery before you use the ELFA vape.
  2. 2. Get your new pre-filled ELFA PRO pod and remove the silicone plug or rubber bung from the top of the mouthpiece
  3. 3. Remove the sticker on the bottom of the ELFA PRO pod kit device (as this allows air to flow as you use the vape).
  4. 4. Install the pod: Simply insert the e-liquid pod into the top of the battery and it should connect firmly in place via magnets in the device. 
  5. 5. Start vaping! When the pod runs is empty or you want to try a different pod flavour, you can just change it out for a new ELFA pod and repeat the steps above.

How to Use the Elf Bar ELFA

Using an Elf Bar ELFA PRO kit may seem daunting, but it's simpler than you think. Here are three steps to kickstart your vaping experience:

  1. 1. Take a slow and steady draw on your vape, filling your mouth with vapour, similar to puffing on a cigar.
  2. 2. Hold the vapour in your mouth for at least 3 seconds before drawing it into your lungs.
  3. 3. Exhale and enjoy your vaping experience.

You can also take a primer puff to warm up your device - this means you heat the coil of your vape without drawing any vapour, as this warms up the atomiser before you start getting your puffs from your new pod vape kit.

Where to Buy the Elf Bar ELFA PRO Pod Kit and ELFA PRO Pods

You can buy the Elf Bar ELFA vape and pods on Haypp. Browse our UK vape shop online for competitive prices on Elf Bar multipacks of 10 as well as fast and free shipping from our UK warehouse. Order your favourite prefilled e-liquid pods and new pod vape kit today and have them delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the UK!

ELFA PRO Pods and Device FAQ

How much liquid is in an ELFA Pro Pod?

Each pod contains 2ml of Elf Bars nicotine e-liquid.

How Do I Keep the Liquid Fresh in the bar ELFA PRO pod?

To keep your prefilled pods fresh, keep the freshness seal on them until you are ready to use them, and store them in a cool, dark place. Similar to disposable vapes you have opened a pod, you should ideally use it within a few days.

What E-Liquid is in ELFA Pods?

These pods contain e-liquid that is made with a 50:50 PG and VG ratio.

How Do I Leave My Own Review?

You can write reviews on any of our products on site. To add a review, visit the product page for the product and click on "Reviews" - here you will be guided through how to write your review.

Do I Get Free Shipping Ordering bar ELFA PRO pods and Devices on Haypp?

Yes, you get fast, free shipping on all orders on Haypp. To learn more about delivery times and what delivery options are available, please visit our FAQ.