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ZYN nicotine pouches are tobacco-free, all white pouches you can enjoy anywhere at anytime. Get up to 30 minutes of nicotine enjoyment with each ZYN pouch. 

Pick from 12 different flavours, two different pouch sizes and 4 different strengths of ZYN nicotine pouches.

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ZYN Nicotine Pouches

ZYN nicotine pouches are free from smoke and tobacco, making them an innovative solution for nicotine users. 

Each ZYN pouch is discreet and made to fit comfortably, so you can use them at anytime and anywhere. ZYN is available in 12 different flavours and 4 different strengths - find your flavour, then pick the strength and start using ZYN pouches on your own terms. 

All ZYN Flavours

You can find 12 different ZYN UK flavours - from mint to citrus and even tobacco flavours. This diversity of ZYN flavours gives pouch users something new to try. 

The full list of ZYN flavours includes:

  • ZYN Cool Mint
  • ZYN Apple Mint
  • ZYN Spearmint
  • ZYN Bellini
  • ZYN Citrus
  • ZYN Black Cherry
  • ZYN Lemon Spritz
  • ZYN Ginger Blood Orange
  • ZYN Espressino
  • ZYN Northern Woods
  • ZYN Violet Licorice
  • ZYN Gold

ZYN Mint Flavours

ZYN's mint flavoured nicotine pouches are some of the most popular flavours from ZYN. There are 3 different mint flavours to choose from:

  • - ZYN Cool Mint (A cool feeling of menthol with a hint of peppermint) 
  • - ZYN Apple Mint (A flavour with spearmint notes combined with apple)
  • - ZYN Spearmint (A subtle, slightly sweet mint flavour with menthol for a cool feel)

ZYN Fruit Flavours

If you are looking for something other than a mint flavour, ZYN offers a popular range of fruity flavours as well:

  • - ZYN Bellini
  • - ZYN Citrus
  • - ZYN Black Cherry
  • - ZYN Lemon Spritz
  • - ZYN Ginger Blood Orange

Unique ZYN Flavours

ZYN also has some unique flavours that are exclusive to their range:

  • - ZYN Espressino
  • - ZYN Northern Woods
  • - ZYN Violet Licorice
  • - ZYN Gold

Best ZYN Flavours

Here at Haypp, our top 5 favourite ZYN pouches are:

  1. 1. ZYN Cool Mint 6mg
  2. 2. ZYN Spearmint Slim
  3. 3. ZYN Ginger Blood Orange
  4. 4. ZYN Bellini
  5. 5. ZYN Citrus

However, the best ZYN pouches for you will depend on what flavours you prefer!

ZYN Strengths and Pouch Sizes

Both ZYN mini and ZYN slim pouches come in 3 different strength options. The amount of nicotine starts at 1.5mg/pouch and goes right up to 11.2mg/pouch - giving you plenty of options.

ZYN Mini Strength: Nicotine Content of ZYN Mini Pouches

ZYN mini pouches are the smallest pouches in the ZYN range. You can find 3 different strengths of ZYN mini pouches:

  • - Strength 1: these ZYN pouches contain around 1.5mg of nicotine per pouch.
  • - Strength 2: if you see strength 2 on the can, each pouch inside will contain 3mg nicotine.
  • - Strength 4: the strongest of the ZYN mini pouches, each pouch contains 6mg of nicotine.

ZYN Slim Strength: Nicotine Content of ZYN Slim Pouches

  • - Strength 2: each strength 2 pouch contains 5.2mg  of nicotine
  • - Strength 3: each strength 3 pouch contains around 9.6mg of nicotine
  • - Strength 4: the strongest of the ZYN slim nicotine pouches, these have 11.2mg of nicotine each.

ZYN Slim vs ZYN Mini

The biggest differences between ZYN slim and ZYN mini pouches is the size of the pouch and the nicotine strength. 
ZYN mini pouches are smaller than ZYN slim and have a lower amount of nicotine per pouch (for example, the strongest ZYN mini has 6mg/pouch but the strongest ZYN slim has around 11.2mg/pouch). 

ZYN Slim
ZYN Mini
Nicotine Strength Options3 (between 5.4mg and 11.2mg per pouch)3 (between 1.5mg and 6mg per pouch)
Number of Flavour Options88
Pouch SizeSlimMini
Number of Pouches Per Can2120
Most Popular CanZYN Cool Mint 6mgZYN Bellini

How to Use ZYN: A Step by Step

Nicotine pouches offer an easy, discreet, and convenient way to satisfy your nicotine itch. Unlike with vaping, you do not inhale these, instead you place them under your upper or lower lip. Once in place, the nicotine will be released. 

Here are the steps for using ZYN nicotine pouches. 

: 0 GBP
Total time: 30 Minutes

1. Get a Can of ZYN and Open It

Choose your ZYN flavour and get a can. Open it by breaking the seal around the edge of the can and popping it open gently. 

2. Put A ZYN Pouch In Your Mouth

Take a pouch out of the can and pop it into your mouth. 

3. Position the Pouch

Position it under your upper or lower lip - between the lip and gum. Most nicotine pouch users place it under their top lip, but you can also use it between the lower lip and gum if you prefer!

3. Leave the Pouch in Place

Leave the ZYN pouch in place for up to 30 minutes. However, if it becomes uncomfortable, you can move it around a little.

4. Remove the Pouch and Dispose of it

Take the pouch out of your mouth and either put it in the bin or in the storage compartment in the lid of the can. Do not swallow the pouch or litter!

Where to Buy ZYN: ZYN Prices Online

Buy ZYN nicotine pouches and buy either individual cans, or multipacks of 5, 10 or 20 cans of your favourite ZYN pouches. Prices start from £3.79 per can and all orders on Haypp come with fast, free shipping. All orders are dispatched from our UK warehouse - so order your favourite nicotine pouches and vapes today!


Is ZYN snus?

No, ZYN is not snus as it does not contain tobacco. ZYN are some of the UK nicotine pouches you can find on Haypp. 

Are there any ZYN side effects?

ZYN pouches contain nicotine. It is important to remember that nicotine is an addictive substance and therefore there can be some negative ZYN side effects from overuse and withdrawal effects if you stop using them.

How much nicotine is in ZYN pouches?

The amount of nicotine in each pouch depends on whether you use ZYN mini or ZYN slim pouches:

ZYN Slim: the lowest nicotine strength is 5.2mg/pouch and the strongest is 11.2mg/pouch.

ZYN Mini: the lowest nicotine strength is 1.5mg/pouch and the strongest is 6mg/pouch.

What are all the ZYN flavours?

There are 12 different ZYN flavours:

  • - ZYN Cool Mint
  • - ZYN Bellini
  • - ZYN Citrus
  • - ZYN Espressino
  • - ZYN Apple Mint
  • - ZYN Spearmint
  • - ZYN Black Cherry
  • - ZYN Northern Woods
  • - ZYN Violet Licorice
  • - ZYN Gold
  • - ZYN Lemon Spritz
  • - ZYN Ginger Blood Orange

How many pouches are in a can of ZYN?

There are 20 pouches in each ZYN can.

Is there tobacco in ZYN?

No, ZYN pouches are tobacco-free. 

How long do ZYN pouches last?

On average, each pouch lasts for around 30 minutes.