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About Us

Like many other companies, Haypp Group were found in a garage. The only difference was that our garage was not full of cables and computers but of snus and cartons of different sizes. Right from the start, we chose to focus on simplicity, large selection, and good service. Much has changed since then, but not that.

By trial and error, we want to make sure that our job is to make your journey the best possible - A smooth shopping experience with fast and free deliveries.

Business Information


Haypp provides a large variety of tobacco-free nicotine pouches with fast shipping and reasonable prices - ensuring that you always have enough to go around for yourself and your friends! We believe in the power of generosity and with Haypp you can feel part of a group of like-minded people. In fact, we want nothing more than for you to be confident enough to Share the Haypp with someone you know.



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Should you notice any room for improvement - please let us know! To contact us, send an email to or message us on Facebook. 


Snusbolaget Norden AB


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For regulatory or media requests, please contact Markus Lindblad at: or +46 708 15 39 83