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Extra Strong Snus & Nicotine Pouches

With nicotine content ranging from 9.1 to 20 mg, and a generous medley of exciting flavours, it is no wonder that extra strong snus and nicotine pouches are at the top of the popularity chain when it comes to the various nicotine strengths that we stock here at Haypp UK!  

Characteristic of extra strong pouches is the high nicotine content and in this section, you'll find all of the pouches that we provide containing more than 9.1 mg of nicotine per pouch.

It's good to keep in mind that in general, Extra Strong Nicotine Pouches are recommended for experienced users.

Today, the Extra Strong pouch segment is dominated almost entirely by various mint flavours.  Find your perfect match among the many variations of mint flavours, from peppermint and spearmint to something stronger like menthol. Make sure to also check out some famous brands like WHITE FOX, SKRUF and LOOP!

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Top Brands Offering Strong Nicotine Pouches

With so many nicotine pouch brands on the market, it might be challenging to get started. Here are some top brands of extra strong snus straight from satisfied our customers' shopping carts.  

Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches

A brand that needs no introduction, Nordic Spirit boasts an enviable array of extra strong nicotine pouches. Have a quick browse at all their flavours from classic mint to fruity berries. 

LOOP Nicotine Pouches

Experienced nicotine pouch users are well-acquainted with Loop and their signature blend of unique flavours that are not commonly found in the market. Step your snus experience up a notch and try some unusual flavours like Habanero Mint or even Red Chili Melon

Elf Bar Tacja Nicotine Pouches

A titan in the vape industry, Elf Bar has ventured into the nicotine pouches market by launching Elf Ba Tacja. They set themselves apart from competition by producing high nicotine content pouches ranging from 12 to 18 mg per pouch. Browse our specially curated assortment of extra strong Elf Bar Tacja pouches right from the comfort of your own home today! 

White Fox Nicotine Pouches

White Fox snus comes in just one strength - Extra Strong. It is also only one of two brands that offer large size pouches here at Haypp UK! Needless to say, it's not for the faint of heart. Check out their collection of extra strong nicotine pouches from 12 - 16 mg of nicotine content per pouch!   

Different Mouth Feel and Textures

Another consideration when finding the right nicotine pouch besides strength and flavour is that of mouth feel. We've narrowed it down to 3 distinct types of mouth feels to help you along your snus journey.

Icy and Refreshing 

Mint extra strong nicotine pouches offer an icy and refreshing sensation, perfect for those who crave a crisp, cooling effect. These pouches deliver a burst of menthol or peppermint, providing a revitalising experience with each use. Whether you prefer the sharpness of spearmint or the deep chill of peppermint, our mint flavours will leave your mouth feeling invigorated. Ideal for giving you a cool boost throughout the day, these pouches are a favourite among those seeking a refreshing nicotine hit. 

ProductFlavour ProfileNicotine Content mg/pouchPouch Size
White Fox MintClassic Mint12 mgSlim
Velo Freeze MaxCool Mint17 mgSlim
LOOP Habanero Mint Slim Hyper StrongSpicy Mint15.6 mgSlim

Smooth and Balanced

Fruity and berry extra strong nicotine pouches offer a smooth and balanced mouthfeel, great for those who enjoy a gentle, flavourful experience. These pouches blend sweet and tangy notes seamlessly, providing a harmonious taste that lingers pleasantly.

We also have unique flavours like cherry blossom for customers who want to venture out of classic berry and fruit flavours. Ideal for a relaxed and satisfying nicotine experience, our fruity and berry options are a top pick for those seeking a smooth and balanced taste sensation.

ProductFlavour ProfileNicotine Content mg/pouchPouch Size
Velo Tropical BreezeFruit10 mgSlim
Fix Cherry Blossom #5Fruit11.5 mgSlim
Übbs BerryBerry11 mgSlim

Tangy and Vibrant

Our citrus and spicy extra strong nicotine pouches offer a tangy and vibrant mouthfeel, perfect for those seeking a bold and zesty experience. These pouches combine the sharp, refreshing notes of citrus with the exhilarating heat of spices, creating an electrifying flavour profile.

Whether you're enjoying the lively zest of lemon and lime or the fiery kick of jalapeño lime or red chili melon, these pouches deliver a punch of flavour that wakes up your senses. These pouches are a fantastic option for a thrilling and invigorating nicotine experience, and are a top choice for those craving a tangy and vibrant taste sensation.

ProductFlavour ProfileNicotine Content mg/pouchPouch Size
Loop Jalapeño limeCitrus12.5 mgSlim
Velo Citrus MintCitrus10 mgSlim
Elf Bar Tacia Lemon MangoCitrus18 mgSlim

Order Cheap Nicotine Pouches in the UK 

Order cheap nicotine pouches from the comfort of your own home at Haypp UK. To get the best value, bulk order from our pack of 5, 10 or even 20. You can also choose our specially curated extra strong nicotine pouches mix pack

Looking for a different nicotine strength? Mosey on over to our dedicated nicotine pouches strength page to find your best match or have a look at all the flavours we carry on our Flavoured Snus and Nicotine Pouches page.

FAQ about Extra Strong Nicotine Pouches 

What nicotine strength range do extra strong nicotine pouches on Haypp offer?

Extra strong nicotine pouches on Haypp typically contain between 9 mg to 20 mg of nicotine per pouch.

Who are extra strong nicotine pouches suitable for?

Extra strong nicotine pouches are suitable for experienced nicotine users who are used to heavy nicotine intakes.

What are some of the top brands offering extra strong nicotine pouches on Haypp?

Some of the top brands offering extra strong nicotine pouches on Haypp include Velo, Elf Bar Tacja, LOOP and Nordic Spirit.

What are some of the most popular extra strong nicotine pouches available on Haypp?

Popular extra strong nicotine pouches on Haypp include Nordic Spirit Frosty Mint Slim Extra Strong, Velo Freeze Ultra 14mg, and ZYN Icy Mint XX-Strong 12.5 mg.

How can I determine the nicotine content in each pouch?

The nicotine content in each pouch is measured in mg/pouch. For example, a 12.5 mg/pouch ZYN Icy Mint XX-Strong contains 12.5 milligrams of nicotine per pouch.

Are there any special offers available for extra strong nicotine pouches on Haypp?

Yes, Haypp offers various discounts and best value packs for extra strong nicotine pouches, such as 10-pack and 20-pack options.