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Browse our range of vape pods and pod kits on Haypp! Shop the range of different pod vape kits including the Elf Bar Elfa PRO pod vape kits, Vuse Pro vape kits and lots of prefilled pods.

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Vape Pods UK

Vape pod kits (also known as pod vape kits, pod mods or pod devices) are a type of vape that have a battery and changeable “pods” rather than a vape tank (like you find in all different types of vapes in the UK). The pod does the same as a the vape tank you find in traditional vape devices or disposable vape pens, meaning it holds the e-liquid and coil in a closed pod system. All you need to do is attach one of the compatible prefilled pods (or a refillable pod if you can find a compatible refillable pod) to the pocket-friendly vape pen device. It is that simple to set up these pods and kits!

How Vape Pods and Pod Kits Work

Vape pods (also known as a Pod System, Pod Vape or Pod Mods) require two parts to make up the full vaping device: they need a pod kit device and a prefilled or refillable pod. The vape pod kit itself does not have a tank, the pods have a built in coils and a tank that contains the e-liquid for your vape. Depending on which vape kit you choose, you can either use refillable pods or pre-filled pods (which usually contain a freebase nicotine or nic salt e-liquid). One pod usually last a regular vaper around 3-5 days (but this will vary depending on how often you use your vape pod kit and the how long of a drag you take on your pod kit vape).

The Different Types of Vape Pod

There are two types of vape pod: open system (also known as a prefilled pod) and closed system (also known as a refillable pod).

  • - Open System. Open system pods are a kind of refillable pod, where the pod cartridge is usually unplugged or unscrewed at the top and can be filled with any e-liquid you like. These refillable pods give you a bit more flexibility, as there are e-liquids available in many different nicotine strengths and you can choose which ratio of PG/VG you want as well as if you want an e-liquid with freebase or nicotine salts.
  • - Closed System. The closed pod system is comprised of prefilled pods that come already filled with 2ml of nicotine or nicotine-free e-liquid, but they cannot be refilled once they have been used. Most the pod vapes you can find on Haypp come with a range of prefilled pods, varying in nicotine strength and flavours. Prefilled pods are easy to use and low maintenance - you only need to pop them into one of the compatible pod vapes to get started. Once the pod has run out of liquid, you can remove it and replace the it with a new pod filled with e-liquid for a less messy pod kit experience. An example of pod kits that work on a closed system are the ELFA PRO and Vuse Pro, these closed pod systems are MTL vape kits that are compatible with prefilled Elf Bar Elfa Pro pods and prefilled Vuse Pro pods. You can order a whole range of pods on Haypp to make sure you have a spare pod for your pod kits!

    Types of Vape Pods on Haypp

    On Haypp, we currently have four different pod kit and pods:

    Pod KitCompatible Vape PodsPrefilled or Refillable Pods?

    Vuse Pro

    Vuse Pro PodsPrefilled


    ELFA PRO PodsPrefilled

    SKE Crystal Plus

    SKE Crystal Plus podsPrefilled

    Lost Mary Tappo

    Lost Mary Tappo podsPrefilled

    How to Use a Vape Pod

    Using a vape pod is fairly simple - to get started, you need to make sure you have the right pod for your pod kit (i.e. ELFA PRO pods are made for an ELFA PRO device, so would not work with an Elf Bar Mate 500 device). Here are 2 steps to help you set up your new pod and get started with your pod kit.

    1. Make sure your vape device is charged.
    2. Take one of your compatible pods out of the exterior packaging, making sure to also remove any plastic or stickers on the base of the pod and cover in the mouthpiece.

    If your pod is prefilled with nicotine e-liquid, connect your pod to the device and start vaping on the device as you usually would with an MTL vape. If you are using one of the refillable pod vape kits, you should follow the next two additional steps:

    1. Fill the refillable pod with your e-liquid of choice and seal the pod once it is full (make sure to follow the instructions on how to fill your specific refillable pod kit pods, as there can be some differences between brands).
    2. Secure your pod to your pod kit device and start taking your first puffs.

    Vape Pods vs Disposable Vapes

    The biggest differences between vape pod kits and disposable vapes is how the vape devices are set up. Pod kits are technically (even if you use pre-filled pods) a form of refillable vape as you need to fit them with an e-liquid pod you can change out or refill (depending on if you have a refillable pod kit or choose one of the prefilled pod kit options) when you run out of e-liquid, and a battery you can charge when it runs out. However, disposable vapes are prefilled with e-liquid and are not refillable or rechargeable like the vape pod kits. However, both devices are suitable for you if your preferred style of vaping is MTL vaping and both devices are a similar size making the vape kit devices just as portable and pocket friendly as disposable vapes. Many existing vapers are making the choice to switch from disposables to vape pods as they not only offer more features (such as the fact they are rechargeable), but they are also more-cost effective in comparison - plus most vape pods come prefilled with nic salts e-liquid, which gives a smoother vape experience compared to e-liquid that contains traditional freebase nicotine.

    Where to Buy A Vape Pod Kit

    You can buy pod kits and prefilled pods on Haypp. Our range of different disposable vapes, vape pods and pod kits offer a range of different options for vapers - whether you prefer a nicotine vape or a nicotine-free vape option. To get a sense of which vape to buy, check out our guide about the most popular vape kits on Haypp.


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    Vape Pods FAQ

    How Long Do Vape Pods Last?

    It depends on how you use your vape pod, however in the UK prefilled pods can contain a maximum of 2ml of nicotine e-liquid.

    What are Vape Pods?

    A vape pod is a pod that fits into a rechargeable vape pen and replaces the vape tank.

    How to Use Vape Pods?

    To use a vape pod, remove it from the packaging (making sure to remove any packaging and covers from the mouthpiece and base of the pod) and connect it to your vape device.

    How Do I Dispose of Vape Pods?

    The pre-filled pods are will need to be disposed of once they are used up in the household waste. This is mainly because it is difficult to separate the pods into the separate components and when there is no way to remove the coil from the pod, it becomes mixed material waste so cannot be recycled.