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Vape Pods

Meet the vape pod range on Haypp! Shop the range of different pods including Elfa Pods and P1 Pods for Elf Bar Mate 500 devices.

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Vape Pods UK

Vape pods are a type of vape that have a battery and changeable “pods” rather than a vape tank (like you find in all different types of vapes in the UK). The pod does the same as a vape tank - it holds the eliquid and coil in a sealed unit. All you need to do is attach a specific vape pod to a the right vape battery and you have a ready-to-use vape pod kit!

How Vape Pods Work

Vape pods (also known as a Pod System, Pod Vape or Pod Mods) work in two parts: the battery and vape pods. The vape pod mods do not have a tank, but have the tank and coil contained in the changeable eliquid pods, with the small pod holding the e-juice so you can start vaping. Pod vapes usually last a regular vaper around 3-5 days (but this will vary depending on how often you use your vape pod kit). 

Different Vape Pod Mods

There are two types of vape pods and mods available: open system and closed system.

  • Open System. These are refillable pods, where the pod cartridge is usually unplugged or unscrewed at the top and refilled with eliquid. The 
  • Closed System. Also known as pre-filled pods, they come filled with eliquid and cannot be refilled once they have been used. They are really easy to use as you only need to pop them into your vape device, use the vape, and then remove and replace the pod mod when they are finished. ELFA and Elf Bar Mate 500 are examples of vapes with closed system pods, as you get prefilled Elf Bar Elfa pods and Prefilled Elf Bar Mate 500 pods. 

    Vape Pods vs Disposable Vapes

    The biggest differences between vape pod systems and disposable vapes is the configuration of the vape device. Pod systems are a form of refillable vapes - fitted with a pod you can change out or refill when you run out of eliquid, and a battery you can charge when it runs out. However, disposable vapes are prefilled with elquid and cannot be refilled or deconstructed like pod systems.

    How and Where to Buy Vape Pod Kits

    You can buy your vape pod kits and pod refills on Haypp. Buy vape pod kits from ELFA and Elf Bar Mate 500, as well as the P1 pods and ELFA pods. 
    New to Vape pod kits? Buy a starter kit from ELFA or Elf Mate 500. Got the battery already? Buy new P1 pods and ELFA pods!

    Frequently Asked Questions about Vape Pods

    What is a vape pod?

    A vape pod is a type of vape made up of a battery and 'pod' versus the traditional vape tank.