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What are Loop nicotine pouches?

What are Loop nicotine pouches?

Loop nicotine pouches are new and innovative players on the market, and are known for their quirky and unique flavour combinations, such as Salty Ludicrous (a blend of licorice and raspberries) and Jalapeño Lime Strong. In fact, in a variety of different ways, Loop has ensured that it will stand out from among its competitors’ offerings.

Loop nicotine pouch packaging

Loop also boasts the first-ever environmentally friendly nicotine pouch packaging – 50% of the packaging is recycled plastic and the other half is made from plant-based materials. Perhaps due to this, each can of nicotine pouches is unique from any other can. Each can weighs 12.5 grams, with each pouch weighing 0.72 grams – which means that there are 20 pouch portions per can.

The pouches themselves are touted as being more slim than other pouches, and therefore more discreet under the user’s lip. Loop has also trademarked their InstantRush Active Nicotine Technology, which can be found in each individual pouch. This technology provides an immediate nicotine kick that is guaranteed to provide a lasting effect.

These nicotine pouches are also “all white”, which means that they will not stain your teeth – even after excessive use.

How strong are Loop nicotine pouches?

Loop offers a variety of strengths to suit both beginners and nicotine veterans. The different variants are labeled on the pack, using a numbering system from 1 to 4, with 4 being the strongest option. Number 4 – labeled as ‘extra strong’ contains a nicotine level of 11 mg per pouch. While number 3 (strong) has a nicotine level of 9 mg per pouch, number 2 (Normal) has a nicotine level of 6 mg per pouch.

How to use Loop nicotine pouches

Loop nicotine pouches are dry pouches, and therefore they require some of the user’s saliva to kickstart the nicotine absorption process. However, with the trademarked technology, absorption happens very quickly once the pouch has received some moisture.

Remember to keep your Loop nicotine pouches out of direct sunlight, in order to avoid drying them out.

As with other pouches, you place loop nicotine pouches between your top lip and gums, and allow it to discreetly remain there throughout consumption. Importantly, new users may feel a tingle under their lip. This is normal and is simply the nicotine being absorbed into the bloodstream. If you opt for the Jalapeño flavour, please note that this reportedly increases that tingling sensation somewhat. If you feel uncomfortable, simply move the pouch around, allowing it to touch different areas of the lip and gums. 

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