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Vape Flavours

Here at Haypp, we have hundreds of different vape flavours for you to try! We've got over 180 fruit flavours for disposable vapes alone. That is why we are one of the most popular vape providers in the UK.

Not only do we have one of the largest selections of vape flavours, but we stock all the top brands too from Elf Bar, Aroma King, Ske Crystal and Vuse Pro. On this page we guide you through all the e-liquid flavours we stock for both disposable vapes and vape pods or visit our site directly to begin your flavourful vaping journey today! Read more about vape flavours

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About Disposable Vape Flavours

What are all the Different Flavours of Disposable Vapes?

The full disposable vape flavours list includes:

  • - Mint
  • - Lychee
  • - Watermelon
  • - Cherry
  • - Cola
  • - Mango
  • - Banana
  • - Lemonade
  • - Pineapple
  • - Strawberry
  • - Blueberry
  • - Kiwi
  • - Apple
  • - Mixed Berry
  • - Tobacco

What is The Most Popular Disposable Vape Flavour?

The best flavour for disposable vapes will depend on your palette. However, especially if you are new to vaping, knowing the best disposable vape flavours can be helpful in picking your first vape. 
In the UK, the most popular vape flavours are fruit, followed by tobacco and mint. However, whether these are the best flavours for disposable vape will be more down to your opinion. If you like a sweet flavour, try one of the fruit vape flavours such as Watermelon or Grapefruit. If you like mint, try a menthol or mint flavoured disposable vape. If you like the classic tobacco flavour, try a tobacco flavoured disposable vape. 

Mint Flavours

Mint is a classic e-liquid flavour. Currently, we have 20 disposable mint-flavoured vapes on our site.

Berry Flavours

If you’re into berries we have a whopping 162 different flavours available for disposable vapes on our site including grape, blue raspberry, and cherry-flavoured e-liquid!

Drink Flavours

Choose from coffee, cola-flavoured e-liquid including cola ice, cherry cola, and other tastes such as mojito and pink lemonade.

Fruit Flavours

Here at Haypp we also stock a wide variety of fruit-flavoured disposable vapes containing e-liquids such as apple watermelon, lemon pineapple peach and the ever-popular triple mango. There are plenty of flavoured e-liquids to choose from too with over 180 different fruit flavours alone available on our site.

Tobacco And Other Flavoured Disposable Vapes

Tobacco vapes are ideal for those that prefer the taste of traditional cigarettes, rather than fruit or mint. Alternatively, we offer a liquorice-flavoured vape, which provides some sweetness with a little tang!

Discover the best disposable vape with our latest reviews below!

Disposable Vape Flavours FAQ

Now you know all about the flavours that are available for disposable vapes, let our expectations answer all your questions about disposable vapes and the flavours they come in.

What Is The Best Flavour for Disposable Vapes?

Like anything to do with flavour, deciding on the very best is a matter of taste. You may like the tropical fruit flavours of pink grapefruit or lemon and lime but that doesn't mean that everybody will.

Ultimately the best e-liquid flavours for disposable vapes will come down to your personal preference. The good news is that in our extensive range, there are hundreds to try and choose from!

How To Pick A Disposable Vape Flavour

Picking a flavour can seem a little overwhelming at first, because there are so many disposable vape flavours to choose from. The easiest way to find a favourite is to simply experiment with different aromas - from fruit flavours like mixed berry or watermelon to traditional tobacco-flavoured liquids. Sooner or later you’ll find a taste that you’ll love.

How Are Disposable Vapes Flavoured?

The e-liquid that is pre-packed inside disposable vapes tends to come from food-grade flavourings. You can find the specific flavouring used in your disposable vape box in the ingredients, usually under the scientific term.

Do Disposable Vapes Contain Propylene Glycol?

Yes, like many types of mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape liquids, disposable vapes often contain Propylene Glycol, otherwise known as PG. Propylene Glycol is a flavourless liquid that is used in lung vaping.

Is Propylene Glycol Safe?

Propylene Glycol is used not only in e-liquids but also in food and medicine, which indicates safety for everyday use.

Vape Pod Flavours

What are Vape Pods and How Do They Work?

Vape pods do not come preloaded with e-liquid-like disposable vapes. Instead, they work more like traditional e-liquid pens as they have to be charged and refilled. However, the vape pods are a great deal more convenient than e-liquid pens because instead of being in charge of decanting the liquid into the reservoir yourself, a task that without a careful can, can get a little messy, all you need to do is click a new prefilled, and pre-sealed premium e-liquid flavour pod into your device.

While there are a few fewer e-liquid flavours available for vape pods than for disposable vapes, you'll find the biggest selection at Haypp

Berry E-Liquid Vape Pods

One of our most popular types of vape juice for pods has to be our berry flavours. We stock over 30 different kinds of berry-flavoured e-liquid, and you can choose from options like sour raspberry, blueberry ice, and even strawberry grape.

Citrus E-Liquid Vape Pods

Tangy citrus e-liquid flavours in the form of vape pods are also hugely popular on our site. Choose from various types such as lemon & lime, lemon mint, and pink lemonade.

Drink Flavoured Vape Pod E-Liquids

If you're craving your favourite flavour of beverage then an e-liquid pod filled with a drink flavour is ideal. 'Drink' in the taste of popular flavours like blue raspberry lemonade, and even cola!

Fruity Flavours for Vape Pods

If the sour and sweet tang of fruit is more your style then you'll want to take a look at our fruity flavours of e-liquid that include options like kiwi, passion fruit & guava, and watermelon ice, as well as peach ice.

Mint Vape Flavour Pods

Mint either on its own as a pod vape flavour or in combination with other great tastes like lemon mint is an excellent choice.

Tobacco Vape Pod E-liquid Flavours

If you're looking for that classic tobacco taste with all the convenience of a vape pod, then you'll be pleased to discover we have two different flavours of e-liquid to choose from.

Vape Pod Flavours FAQ

Can I Use Vape Liquid In Vape Pods?

While vape pods do indeed run on e-liquid, you can't buy it separately to load into your pod. Instead, you'll need to buy e-liquid in pre-packaged form ready to slot straight into your pod. The great thing about using a pod is that it makes the entire process of refilling your vape with e-liquid much easier because you don't need to worry about funnelling liquid in from a bottle. All you need to do is click a new pod with your favourite flavour and you're set! No mess, and no bother.

How To Choose Your E-Liquid Vape Pod Flavour

The e-liquid you choose for your vape pod will depend on your personal preference. The good news is you'll never be stuck to sample something new and interesting as there is a wide range of e-liquid flavours ranging from the more traditional tobacco, and classic mint to the more distinct grape ice and pink lemonade.

Should I Choose A Vape Pod E-Liquid That Contains Vegetable Glycerine (VG)?

Vegetable Glycerine is an ingredient in some vape pod e-liquid flavours. It's a thicker liquid added to the mix to help generate increased vapour production. Using VG means thicker e-liquids and thicker e-liquids means bigger clouds.

Is E-Liquid For Vape Pods Better Than Tobacco & Cigarettes?

The e-liquid found inside vape pods is simply an alternative to smoking cigarettes. E-liquids contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance, as well as food-grade flavour concentrates.

What Are The Top E-Liquid Brands For Vape Pods?

There are hundreds of e-liquid brands on the market that fit vape pods, and you can find all the best ones on Haypp. That's right if you are looking for the best e-liquid brand you have come to the right place. Visit our site now to browse market-flavoured vape pod leaders Elfbar, Lost Mary, Ske Crystal, and Vuse Pro.

Are Nic Salt E-Liquids Used In Vape Pods?

Yes, nic salt e-liquid or nicotine salts as they are often also referred to can be part of a pod vape system. The advantage of nicotine salts being present is that using nic salt provides faster nicotine absorption and helps enhance the overall vaping experience.

Do Pod Vape E-Liquids Expire?

Yes, eventually it does and the longer you hold onto your liquid the more the flavour and nicotine strength will decline and so will your vaping experience. However, because the liquid used in vape pods is sealed, it will likely last for a longer time than an open bottle of e-liquid.