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Flavoured Snus & Nicotine Pouches

Welcome to the Flavor Hub of Haypp Nicotine Pouches UK!

Still searching for that perfect snus flavour? Your search ends here! At Haypp UK, we offer a delightful array of unique nicotine pouches strengths & flavours. Whether you're an avid coffee lover or have a sweet tooth, we've curated a selection that caters to all your preferences. 

Embark on a journey through our wide range of snus flavours to ensure you find your perfect match. Start exploring all the brands at Haypp today and discover your new favourite flavour!


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Mint & Menthol Flavour

Do you enjoy the freshness of mint? So do most of our customers! It's a favourite for a reason. There’s sweet mint, cool mint, even spicy mint like the Habanero Mint snus flavour offered by LOOP

If you’re new to snus, pick a mint flavour with a low nicotine strength before working your way up. A high nicotine strength might cause a slight stinging sensation in your mouth.

Here we have listed our costumers top-3 favorite Mint and Menthol flavours:

ProductNicotine Strength (mg/pouch)Format
Velo Ice Cool Mint Slim Strong10 mgSlim
Velo Freeze Slim Extra Strong10.9 mgSlim
Velo Freeze Max17 mgSlim

Citrus Flavour

Are you a fan of the tangy and sweet taste of citrus fruit? If the answer is yes then look no further! We carry a range of normal to extra strong citrus nicotine pouches made for you!


These are our most popular citrus flavored snus products:

ProductNicotine Strength (mg/pouch)Format
ZYN Citrus Mini Strong6 mgMini
LOOP Jalapeño Lime Slim Hyper Strong15.6 mgSlim
XQS Citrus Cooling Slim Strong8 mgSlim

Fruit Flavour

Itching for that next summer getaway? 

From apple and mango to watermelon and even coconut, we’ve got you covered. You can also choose from a variety of mixed fruits and mint fruit blend. 

If you prefer the taste of sweetness, fruit nicotine pouches can be a great alternative!

Here are our top 3 Nicotine Pouch flavours in this category:

ProductNicotine Strength (mg/pouch)Format
Velo Tropical Breeze10 mgSlim
Velo Watermelon Mint10 mgSlim
FIX Peach Rhubarb #25.6 mgSlim

Berry Flavour

Do you like the sour and tangy flavour that typically comes from unripe berries? This place is for you. If you like the flavour of the simple blueberry or mixed berries, you can expect to find something you like from the brands we carry. 

While slim is the most popular nicotine pouch format, we also stock a range of mini flavoured Nicotine Pouches!

Discover our three most popular berry products:

ProductNicotine Strength (mg/pouch)Format
On! Plus Berry Slim Strong9 mgSlim
Velo Ruby Berry Slim Normal6 mgSlim
Nordic Spirit Bergamot Wildberry Strong8.3 mgSlim

Coffee Flavour

Did you know that the UK alone drinks around 95 million cups of coffee a day? 

For all you coffee-lovers out there, we’ve got good news for you. Find your favourite from a variety of different coffee flavoured nicotine pouches. You can even find caramel coffee snus if you prefer something sweet.

Our top 3 Coffee products:

ProductNicotine Strength (mg/pouch)Format
ZYN Espressino Mini Strong6 mgMini
Nordic Spirit Mocha Slim Strong8.3 mgSlim
FIX Irish Coffee #411.2 mgSlim

Liquorice Flavour

Liquorice might not be for everyone but it's still definitely worth trying. Liquorice typically has an earthy and smokey taste that is reminiscent of tobacco. 

Liquorice also has a brother called "salmiak" that tastes more savoury. Either way, if you like liquorice don't miss these pouches from a variety of different brands.

Our bestsellers with licorice flavor:

ProductNicotine Strength (mg/pouch)Format
Klint Liquorice #14 mgSlim
Helwit Salmiak6 mgSlim
Avant Raspberry Liquorice7.8 mgSlim

Best Snus Flavours Roundup

While we've highlighted some of our top-selling nicotine pouches above, the world of snus is vast, and taste is subjective. 

Still undecided? Explore our full range of flavours to find the perfect match for your unique preferences. We're constantly working on introducing new and classic flavours based on our customer feedback. From refreshing mint to fizzy cola, and everything in between, there's a flavour waiting to be discovered just for you.

Happy exploring!

FAQ about Nicotine Pouches Flavours

What are some popular berry-flavoured nicotine pouches available?

Some popular berry-flavored nicotine pouches available include On! Plus Berry Slim Strong, Velo Ruby Berry Slim Normal, and Nordic Spirit UK Bergamot Wildberry Slim Strong.

Are there any citrus-flavoured nicotine pouches offered?

Yes, there are citrus-flavoured nicotine pouches available, such as ZYN Citrus Mini Strong 6 mg, LOOP Jalapeno Lime Slim Hyper Strong, and XQS Citrus Cooling Slim Strong Nicotine Pouches.

What are the top coffee-flavoured nicotine pouches?

The top coffee-flavoured nicotine pouches include ZYN Espressino Mini Strong 6 mg, Nordic Spirit UK Mocha Slim Strong, and FIX Irish Coffee #4.

 What are the best-selling mint and menthol-flavoured nicotine pouches?

The best-selling mint and menthol-flavored nicotine pouches include Velo Ice Cool Strong, Velo Freeze X-Strong, and Nordic Spirit UK Mint Slim Extra Strong.

What is the variety of flavors available for nicotine pouches?

The variety of flavors available for nicotine pouches ranges from mint and menthol to citrus, coffee, berry, and liquorice, catering to diverse preferences.