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Flavoured Snus & Nicotine Pouches

Have you found your snus flavor yet? Is is strawberry or why not the cool taste of mint? Maybe you're the coffee taste lover? No matter what the below lists of different flavor will guide you to your likings. Let us help you to find other brands than the one you tried and maybe your favourite will be one you didn't even knew existed?

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Do you like mint? It can be sweet, strong, stingy or even peppery but still, mint is a unique taste that brings your mind to freshness and great breath. If you're new to nicotine pouches pick a mint with low nicotine in it because if it's too strong it might feel like a burning sensation in your gum, work your way up the strength chart instead of doing a crash course. 

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Are you a fan of the sour but still sweet taste of citrus? If you are this is the section that's made for you. Find all kinds of different brands offering different takes on citrus.

Buy'em, try'em and find the lemony nicotine pouches made for you!


Who doesn't like the sweet taste of ripe strawberries? Or maybe you're the one that like the unripe sour flavour of raspberries? If you're more into sweetness the fruity pouches are another great alternative!

No matter what, if you're into berries or fruits of all sorts this is the section that you will like the most. 

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The bitter and full flavour of coffee is a fuel for a lot of people around the world, some of us has been drinking it every day for years and years. Now you can get the coffee flavour in a nicotine pouch! The flavour is often mixed with a great sweetness that reminds you of a sweet cappuccino.

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Liquorice is not for everyone but it's still worth trying. The liquorice can taste strong, sweet and sometimes it a very unique taste that's a bit sour and smokey. Liquorice also has a brother called "salmiak" that is really tasteful. Either way, if you like liquorice don't miss these pouches.

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