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Embrace your inner On! and say welcome to a new way of serving nicotine pouches! On!'s product is packed in modern rectangular boxes that fit your pocket perfectly.

The can contains dry and discreet portions in a mini format, everything for that slim and discreet feeling.

This combined with a huge variety of flavours, where you can find everything from the morning taste of coffee to that fresh flavour of citrus, make On!'s product unique on the market.

The products may be small and discreet but they guarantee you a great release of flavour and nicotine for a long time! So get up, get On! up and find your personal favourite in a new world of nicotine pouches!

What are On! nicotine pouches?

On! has been around for a long time in the world of nicotine pouches. They're small in size and the more dry variant of nicopods and we do recommend the light and normal cans for beginners, it's a great product to try if you're interesting in using oral nicotine. If you like the smaller size but need more nicotine On! offers some stronger ones also. It comes in many different flavours so try them all to find the one that suits you the most.

On! are manufactured by Burger Sohne and Altria owns a big share of the brand so there's big muscles behind it.

Is On! the same as snus?

No it's not snus, the way you use it is the same but the ingredients differ alot. Snus contain tobacco and On! nicotine pouches only contain nicotine. The bags are dry while snus bags often are moist.

How high is the nicotine amount of On! nicotine pouches?

There's alot of different strength to pick from when it comes to On!. From 2 mg up to 9 mg of nicotine so if you're new to the pouch world you should try the lower ones first then go up the ladder if you feel the urge for it.

What does On! taste like?

On! nicotine pouches offer a big range of flavours from mint, to berries and even coffee flavour. If you're unsure and are not so keen on mint, try the berries and try the more to the sweetness of nicotine pouches.