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HAYPP UK Discount Codes

Does HAYPP have any discount codes?

Yes, there are HAYPP discount codes. To get the latest discount codes, you can sign up for the HAYPP newsletter or try out our refer a friend.

How do I sign up for emails?

When you are at the checkout, make sure to check the “Register for newsletter” box. Then you will be the first to know about our upcoming deals and promo codes!

How Does Refer a Friend Work?

Want to share the HAYPP with your friends? Here’s how!

Click the little pop-up in the bottom corner of the screen. 

Fill out your email and share the link with you friends

When your friend makes a purchase, you will receive an email to your inbox with a discount code.

Use your code to get £4 off your next purchase on HAYPP! (only one code per transaction)

Can I use brand promo codes?

The only codes that work for HAYPP will come from our emails or refer a friend program. If you try to use a discount code from another site or retailer, it will not work on HAYPP. 

How do I get the best deals on HAYPP?


You can see our latest offers and get HAYPP discount codes when you sign up to our newsletter.

Are HAYPP Discount Codes Valid on All Products?

Yes! Haypp discount codes work across HAYPP UK, unless stated otherwise (so make sure you read the fine print!)

Are there terms and conditions for HAYPP Discount Codes?

For all terms and conditions for HAYPP, check out our terms and conditions page.