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Snus in the UK

Made from tobacco leaves, snus can be classified as a dry variant of snuff. Its production dates back to the 18th century, when people were able to buy Swedish snus. Since then, snus products have evolved and people are now able to purchase nicotine products that come in the form of nicotine pouches and many other nicotine products. Join us as we delve into some of the options available, and the different kinds of tobacco-free products you can purchase while you are in the UK.

Tobacco Free Snus Alternatives

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Buy Snus Online

When purchasing tobacco free snus or nicotine free snus online, you will find that there are different portions to choose from. Portions refer to the type of snus available for you to choose from, and the coarseness of the loose snus may vary as well. Coarseness refers to how finely the ingredients have been ground together. There are four kinds of portions available, which include white snus and are loosely divided into four categories. Below is a list of the different portions of snus:


  • - Loose snus (the oldest form of snus)
    • - White portions
    • - All white portions


    You can find loose snus, which is the oldest form of traditional snus, in coarse, medium and fine grinds. One is able to mould loose snus into whatever shape they desire, whether by using the hands or any other moulding tool. The rest of the snus packages are placed inside snus pouches, which makes them easier to use. To use the tobacco free snus or nicotine pouches you need to place the pouch between the upper lip and the gum, and then wait for it to work.

    Snus pouches

    Snus pouches are made from tobacco leaves, water and salt. Nicotine pouches consist of nicotine, water, sweeteners, flavourings and other plant-based fibres. These nicotine pouches take on the appearance of mini tea bags and come in different sizes, which are easy and ready to use. When searching for a nicotine pouch, always ensure that you state which country you are in and what product you would like to purchase - for example, “buy snus UK”. This is to ensure that what you are purchasing is legal within your country.

    Snus Flavours

    The right flavour should be easy to find, especially when you are navigating a snus website. Thankfully, Haypp UK has plenty snus flavours to choose from, with a variety of tobacco-free nicotine products and pouches. You can also find nicotine-free pouches, each with amazing flavours. The website is also very user-friendly, and you can also find pouches in different sizes, making the whole process quick, easy and flexible. Below is a comprehensive list of the flavours you can find on offer at Haypp UK:


    Nicotine and snus pouches: Format

    Snus bags or nicotine bags come in different formats. These are large, slim, super and mini bags. The large pouches are the largest and widest pouches on offer, and are the most popular. Slim pouches are smaller than larger pouches but the amount of product inside the pouch remains the same. If you are looking for a more discreet pouch, you can opt for the super slim portion and the mini portion. Easily hidden in the mouth, these small portions of snus are very discreet.

    Tobacco free snus alternatives

    There are many alternatives to snus, and these can also be found at Haypp UK. Firstly, you have the option of tobacco-free nicotine pouches and all-white nicotine products. These are great if you are trying to avoid tobacco, and you can also find nicotine-free snus which is good for those who are trying to avoid nicotine. White snus is a popular alternative to normal snus, as it does not leave the teeth with a brown stain or tint. There are truly many options available to snus users.

    Snus pouches: Taste

    In general, snus has a strong taste of tobacco and a smoky aroma, while white snus does not. The smoke flavour makes original snus easy to blend with stronger flavours such as mint and licorice. For those who want the experience without the smoky taste, white snus can also be mixed with multiple flavours to make it more appealing. The most versatile option for buyers is white snus, as it provides a blank canvas to be flavoured according to your preference. Popular flavours include melon, lime, blueberry and apple.

    What can I order from Haypp?

    Today you are able to order tobacco free snus such as Nicotine pouches.

    We offer you all this from all the top brands like:

    When will traditional snus become legal in the UK?

    It is actually legal to consume snus, however, it’s hard to tell if snus will be legal to buy with Brexit in mind. Many thought Brexit would make snus legal, but nothing has yet happened and today you cannot buy snus in the UK. On the other hand, alternatives to snus such as nicotine pouches can be purchased in the UK. If you order online, you also get more choice, as the range is often considerably larger. At HAYPP you will find around 200 products to choose from.  

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