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What's a nicotine pouch?




In this section you can learn more about the ingredients in a nicotine pouch and why it's much different to the Swedish snus





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The side effects of nicotine




Read more about nicotine and how it affects your health







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The history of snus and nicotine pouches




Learn more about the history about nicotine pouches and why it’s so cultarlly attached to Sweden






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Find your flavour!




Learn more about the different flavours and find your personal favorite!






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The different nicotine strengths




Learn what type of nicotine strength fits you the best!







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Nicotine pouches, snus and chew bags


Current news and other Haypp happenings

Nicotine Pouches

Learn how nicotine pouches are made, brand guides and more!  


Learn more about Swedish snus, brand guides and where to buy snus online 


Deep dive into the various tobacco categories of American dip, chewing tobacco and snuff


Learn how the health effects of snus and nicotine how all categories stack up against each other  

Read why snus is illegal in the UK and other tobacco regulations in the EU