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Buy snus online with next day delivery

Even though snus is a highly sought after product, it's illegal to distribute outside Sweden due to tobacco regulations. Ordering larger quantities have a high risk of getting seized in the customs as importing snus and other tobacco products are only meant for personal use. As much of the shipping is done under the radar, many snus products that are sold are even fake and contain illicit ingredients not meant for consumption. 

The best way of securing your snus delivery is by befriending a Swede or by asking one of the many ex-pats groups (such as LondonSwedes) if someone is willing to bring a couple of snus cans from overseas. Another way to get your oral nicotine is to order alternatives to snus products such as nicotine pouches (which is legal to sell and consume in UK). 

Buy tobacco pouch snus in London 

There are some Swedish shops and bars in central London which keeps a small stock of snus under the counter. With some investigation you'll be able to find these hidden snus hotspots. 

Buy nicotine pouches in central London

If you opt for nicotine pouches and place your order from Haypp before 6.30 pm, your parcel will arrive in the UK the next day. It's then distributed with RoyalMail within 1-2 days depending on where you live. 

If you simply can't wait for your online delivery there are several vape-shops in London which sell brands such as Nordic Spirit, Lyft, Zyn and White Fox. The supplies are often limited and few flavors to choose from. 

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