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How to buy snus and nicotine pouches in the UK

How and Where to Buy Snus (UK)

Thought Brexit would make it possible to finally order Swedish snus online or in stores? Think again! 
Even though we have left the EU, we still have our own local laws in the UK that prohibit the sale of snus in stores and online in the UK. This might be the reason for the increase in popularity of nicotine pouches - a tobacco-free alternative that works in the same way (a pouch you place under the top lip). Nicotine pouches (also often called white snus) are legal to sell and buy in the UK, making them a popular choice for former snusers. 

Looking to get your hands on some white snus? Read on to find out how to buy snus in the UK!

Where to Buy Snus in the UK

Snus in England

While snus isn’t legal, you can find nicotine pouches in certain supermarkets, specialist tobacconists and even online. Average prices of nicotine pouches in the supermarket is £6.50 per can, and it can be even more expensive depending on where you live! However, the best prices can be found online, and you can get your order within 48 hours. 
With its growing popularity, especially across major UK cities, be sure to check out our regional guides about snus in London and other major cities for more city specific details!

Snus in Scotland

Did you know that 86% of the cans sold in Scotland are nicotine pouches? While you still cannot buy traditional tobacco snus in Scotland, you can still buy nicotine pouches. The same rules apply as in England, with nicotine pouches only being available to over 18s and being sold in either specialist stores, certain supermarkets and online. 

Snus in Wales

Around 55% of all oral nicotine users in Wales use three or more cans a week - so where can you buy it? If you are over 18 years old, you can buy nicotine pouches online, in certain supermarkets or corner shops and in specialist stores. However, you cannot buy tobacco snus in Wales. 

Snus in Northern Ireland

Just as with the other UK countries, you cannot buy tobacco snus in Northern Ireland. You can, if you are over 18, still purchase nicotine pouches. These can be bought in certain stores and online. 

How to Buy Snus

Now you know where you can buy snus in the UK, how do you buy it and where can you buy nicotine pouches from?

Where to Buy Snus

As we mentioned, you have three main places you can buy white snus (nicotine pouches) in the UK:

  1. 1. In supermarkets
  2. 2. Local tobacconists or convenience stores
  3. 3. Online

Where is the Best Place to Buy Snus

While you may think purchasing your white snus from the supermarket or local store is the best way to buy your nicotine pouches - think again! Here are three important reasons why you should consider buying snus online in the UK:

  1. 1. Inconsistent Pricing. The prices and special deals are always changing, which can result in confusion on what a can of pouches from your favourite brand actually costs. It is also common that prices on your favourite brands will be higher than if you buy from online retailers such as Haypp. Make sure you do your research to make sure you get the best prices!
  2. 2. No Reviews.  When you are faced with options, or are completely new to nicotine pouches, it can be tricky to pick which can to start with. How do you pick the right brand? How do you choose the right strength? What flavours are good? This can often lead to rushed purchases and picking the product of the day, rather than one that is right for you. If you shop online, you not only can browse at your own pace, but find customer and expert reviews of our different brands and products, to make sure you get the right pouches for you.
  3. 3. Less Options and Smaller Stock. When buying from physical stores, it can often mean reduced stock and a smaller number of options, as there is often no space to store large quantities of stock. So, how will you know if a store will have your favourite pouches in stock? You aren’t likely to know until you make the trip to the store. However, if you order online, you can order and check the availability of your favourite products and get them delivered straight to your door. 

Next Day Delivery Snus UK

On Haypp, you can order tobacco-free snus (nicotine pouches) online with fast and free shipping. Get your order within 48 hours, and get your favourite brands delivered straight to your door from our UK warehouse!

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