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How to use snus and the effects of snus

The effects of snus - What does snus do?

It’s easy to confuse snus with other smokeless tobacco products as the closest reference is often seeing Cowboys use American chew in Western movies. With this guide, you’ll learn the steps on how to use and understand the effect of snus.  If you are not familiar with the product you can learn more on what is snus.

How to use snus 

The first step is getting a hold of a snus can which can be purchased Sweden or by ordering snus online. See our article on where to buy snus online here. Whether or not you opt for portion snus or loose snus, the next step is to put it under your upper lip. If you using loose snus you’ll need to form the tobacco into a compact tobacco pouch using the thumb and index fingers. That’s it!

The effects of snus 

Most users experience a sense of wellbeing with both a sedative and stimulating effect when using snus. This is caused by the nicotine as the brain’s reward system is activated. 

Furthermore, snus has the potential of relieving the airways of carbon monoxide if the user is using snus as a way to stop smoking. Snus was recently labeled as the first harm reduced product to smoking by the FDA in the US.

Negative snus effects 

The main side-effect of snus is the discolouring of the user’s teeth which is caused by the brown tobacco colour. Beginners might also feel nausea as they are new to tobacco juices which might feel unpleasant the first few times. 

Excessive use of snus and nicotine can lead to shivers and a rise of heartbeat. It is therefore not recommended to use snus or nicotine during pregnancy as it can potentially damage the fetus.

How long does a snus last? 

A snus lasts for about 30 minutes but is highly individual as some snusers prefer a more runny snus as the saliva will boost the tobacco flavour somewhat. A way of measurement is just to spit it out once it feels too slippery under the lip. 

The new All White Snus 

All White Snus or commonly called nicotine pouches is the modern and tobacco-free version of Swedish snus that is seeing enormous growth throughout the world. 

Unlike snus, nicotine pouches come in an entirely white format and therefore also eliminates the risk of discolouring the user’s teeth.

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