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White Fox

White Fox Full Charge Large Extra Strong






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£35.90 10-pack
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Product type Nicotine Pouches
Format Large
Strength Extra Strong
Flavour Mint

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White Fox Full Charge - Inside the red can you'll find the first all white nicotine pouches presented in large pouches. 


Each can contain 15 portions with a strong flavor of mint. 

White Fox Full Charge Large Extra Strong

This is the first large nicotine pouch on the market.

Let us present White Fox Full Charge - Large pouches loaded with nicotine, natural oils and with a fresh taste of peppermint.

Nicotine Strength of White Fox Full Charge

The Full Charge is recognized for 2 things its size and the extra strong nicotine content of 16.5 mg per pouch telling us that this one is recommended for experienced users. 

The White Fox Brand

White Fox is a Swedish product famous for its high nicotine content in every product, so are you still looking for really strong and minty pouches but in a slimmer profile, check out White Fox Double Mint and White Fox Mint

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Brand White Fox
Product type Nicotine Pouches
Format Large
Strength Extra Strong
Flavour Mint
Nicotine strength (mg/pouch) 16.5
Pouches per can 15
Weight per pouch (gram) 1
Content per can (gram) 15
Producer GN Tobacco
Customer reviews for White Fox Full Charge Large Extra Strong
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Abyssal Lord, 10 July 2022
Kick Damn strong, requires taking out after the initial rush, lest nausea take you. Recommended for experienced users only, as stated.
Liam, 26 March 2020
Best for intensity Pouches are a large square shape and feel more prominent in your lip than other brands / other fox pouches I've tried. If you're after intensity these ones are fantastic.
Mark, 23 January 2020
Like it strong. Look no further Strong pouch..larger than others but for me this isn't a problem..good kick sit back and enjoy
The jag, 29 November 2019
Too bulky Although they gave a good nicotine kick I felt that the pouches were too big, they didn’t sit well in the lip, also had a bag spilt on me.