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LOOP Jalapeño Lime Extra Strong
LOOP Jalapeño Lime Extra Strong
LOOP Jalapeño Lime Extra Strong

LOOP Jalapeño Lime Extra Strong









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£34.90 10-pack
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Product type Nicotine Pouches
Facets.Key.A_Format Slim
Strength Extra Strong
Flavour Citrus

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Intense nicotine pouches with a well known Loop flavour of jalapeño and lime, now loaded with even more nicotine at 12.5mg per pouch.

LOOP Jalapeño Lime Extra Strong

Loop Jalapeño Lime Extra Strong are slim nicotine pouches with that modern classic flavour of chili and lime.
The spicy green chili blends perfectly with the refreshing flavour of lime - creating a flavour explosion in your mouth. The unique Instant RushTM technology, perfectly balances a fast and long lasting nicotine release.

Nicotine Strength of LOOP Jalapeño Lime Extra Strong

Each can contain discreet portions with a nicotine content of 12.5 mg per pouch making it classified as Extra Strong. 
Extra Strong pouches are mainly recommended for experienced users.

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The LOOP Brand

All of LOOPS modern and flavourful products are served in the worlds first environmentally friendly cans - PlantCanTM - made a 100% out of plant-based material and recycled plastic, all to reduce the impact on our environment.
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Brand Loop
Product type Nicotine Pouches
Format Slim
Strength Extra Strong
Flavour Citrus
Nicotine strength (mg/pouch) 12.5 mg/pouch
Nicotine strength (mg/g) 20 mg/g
Pouches per can 22
Weight per pouch (gram) 0.625
Content per can (gram) 13.8 g
Producer Another Snus Factory
Customer reviews for LOOP Jalapeño Lime Extra Strong
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Joseph , 22 March 2024
5 star company Good afternoon, i didnt know where else to thank you so I'm doing it here. I recently put in a small order and received a free sample snus, i just want to thank you for that, im very greatful and cant wait to try the others. As for this Loop J'lime, its my top 3 fav, taste flavour and nicotine hit are so perfect and paired with a nice coffee its truely relaxing. Thank you again, I dont go anywhere else except here for my snus. I would also like to point out it was free delivery and my package arrived within a few days
Jack, 23 February 2024
All time favourite pods Great pods, nice lime and chilli flavour. Favourite pod for flying to kick cigarette cravings completely
Petal, 4 May 2022
Spicy yet refreshing Bought this because I was only curious about the interesting flavour, and was sure it would be weird, but it turned out to be my favourite of the lot. The chili adds a little bite that boosts the hit and the lime is very refreshing. Lots of long-lasting flavour.
productextrasection/EXTRAS This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance.

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