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Velo Freeze X-Strong

Velo Freeze X-Strong









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£29.90 10-pack
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Product type Nicotine Pouches
Format Slim
Strength Strong
Flavour Mint

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Strong nicotine pouches with a nicotine content of 10,9 mg per pouch combined with Intense peppermint and freezing menthol.

Velo Freeze X-Strong Nicotine Pouches

The Velo X-Freeze pouches have a strong peppermint and menthol flavour. Because of the chilling and even "freezing" sensation they produce, this has become the favourite for many of our customers.

They have a dry texture with a moist inner content, providing a long lasting flavour experience with minimal dripping. And they come in white sachets, preventing your teeth from being stained.

Nicotine Strength of Velo Freeze X-Strong

This is a Strong alternative on the market of nicotine pouches with a nicotine content of 10,9 mg per pouch - So as you may understand, this one is not for those who are new to pouches. 

The Velo Brand

Although the production of Velo nicotine pouches began as recently as 2019, the brand swiftly gained popularity and is today one of the biggest players on the market.

All of Velo’s products are made out of a base of eucalyptus and pine fibres, making the pouches long lasting and super soft. 

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Brand VELO
Product type Nicotine Pouches
Format Slim
Strength Strong
Flavour Mint
Nicotine strength (mg/pouch) 10.9 mg/pouch
Nicotine strength (mg/g) 15,6 mg/g
Pouches per can 20
Weight per pouch (gram) 0.72
Content per can (gram) 14 g
Producer BAT
Customer reviews for Velo Freeze X-Strong
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JR, 2 March 2024
My go to One tub lasts me roughly 3-4 days. Compared to 30 cigs a day this is a no brainer for both my health and my wallet. Intense sting but not painful in any way. Very enjoyable with a coffee
Dost Mangal, 28 November 2023
Happy Very nice service and great customer service
Erki, 14 November 2023
One of the best Velos out there Been doing these over an year and still find them enjoyable. Would recommend to a friend should say it all
productextrasection/EXTRAS This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance.

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