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Velo Ruby Berry Slim Normal

Velo Ruby Berry Slim Normal









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£35.90 10-pack
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Product Type Nicotine Pouches
Format Slim
Strength Normal
Flavour Berry

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Velo Ruby Berry 6mg nicotine pouches are promoted by the London based British American Tobacco company. 

Each can of contains 20 pouches.

Velo Ruby Berry 6mg

Velo Ruby Berry delivers a sweet flavour experience in a slim nicotine pouch. The pouches combine two different tastes, the sweetness of strawberries with cool menthol into one succulent pouch. The discreet and slim nicotine pouches are made of eucalyptus and pine fibres for you to enjoy under your lip while savouring the nicotine release.

Nicotine Strength of Velo Ruby Berry

These slim Velo Ruby Berry pouches have a normal nicotine strength. The nicotine content is 6mg per pouch, which is in our regular category. 

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Velo Ruby Berry 10mg

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If you are not sure which Velo Ruby Berry works best for you, check out the Velo Ruby Berry Collection available on Haypp.

The Velo Brand

Since launching in 2020, British American Tobacco (BAT) is promoting a discreet and tobacco-free alternative product in the market. Velo is a dynamic new oral product by London based BAT which also makes the two classic brands Lyft and Epok. VELO has strengths and flavours to suit your every taste and need.  

Brand VELO
Product type Nicotine Pouches
Format Slim
Strength Normal
Flavour Berry
Nicotine strength (mg/pouch) 6 mg/pouch
Nicotine strength (mg/g) 8,6 mg/g
Pouches per can 20
Weight per pouch (gram) 0.72
Content per can (gram) 14 g
Producer BAT
Customer reviews for Velo Ruby Berry Slim Normal
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Sam, 16 August 2020
Mild strength and great taste This is a slim portion with a great fruity flavour. It is only 6mg/portion and can be taken at any time without worrying about feeling dizzy/lightheaded. I just wish it wasn't so pricey compared to other brands.
productextrasection/EXTRAS This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance.

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