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Best Vape Brands: A Review of the Top UK Vape Brands (2023)

There are so many vape brands to choose from in the UK, with new brands appearing (what feels like) daily. With so many options, it can be hard to know which vapes are worth a try and which are the current best vape brands. Our in-house vape expert Jan gives his review of the top 10 vape brands on Haypp (as chosen by Haypp customers), including the pros and cons for each brand.

Overview of the Best Vape Brands

If you are looking for the quick list of the top vape brands, here is the summary of Haypp’s top 10 best vape brands (last updated October 2023). 

Elf Bar

  1. Lost Mary
  2. Elux
  3. SKE
  4. Vuse
  5. Blu
  6. Gold Bar
  7. Pod Salt GO
  8. Flonq
  9. Found Mary

1. Elf Bar

Since 2018, Elf Bar has been providing vapers in the UK with a wide selection of products, from disposable vapes to vape pods and eliquids. They take great pride in their range of carefully tested products, which feature quality components, an impressive variety of flavours and a user-friendly design that caters to both novice and experienced vapers. This is why Elf Bar is one of the most popular brands of vape products in the UK.

Expert Review: “Elf Bar, especially the Elf Bar 600, is a classic vape option - the brand has definitely carved a niche for itself. Their range of vapes features sleek designs that are easy to use and feature an extensive selection of popular flavours. They prioritise providing a satisfying vaping experience for their customers, and are one of my favourite MTL disposable vape options.”

Lost Mary

Lost Mary is a prominent name in the UK when it comes to disposable vapes that combine a unique design with a quality build. With more than 30 different flavours, there is something in their range to suit all MTL vapers. The design of their devices makes them extremely convenient and easy-to-use, and the use of quality materials and e-liquid ensures that they are long-lasting with consistent performance throughout the life of the device. 

Expert Review: “Lost Mary are best known for their Lost Mary BM600 - a unique vape that has gained a significant following over recent years. I think the main reason for this is their exceptional range of flavours and innovative devices. Vapers will most likely best know Lost Mary vapes for their unique bottle flask design - one of the first bottle-flask disposable vapes on the market. What I like about Lost Mary is their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, as they keep working to develop and improve their range based on vapers’ feedback (as you can see with the new Lost Mary BM600s).”

3. Elux

Elux takes third place in the best vape brands list. They are best known for their disposable vapes - made for convenience with a user-friendly design and range of different flavour options. The Elux Legend range is their best known collection of disposable vapes (featuring the Elux Legend Mini II and Elux Legend 3500 Puffs 0mg). All Elux Vapes are safety tested and every Elux vape is designed so you can take it on the go with you as each lightweight device is slim and compact.

Expert Review: “Elux vapes all come pre-filled, pre-charged and ready to use straight out of the box, which makes their range of vapes an ideal pocket-sized companion if you are on the move. I feel that if you are looking for a convenient vape without the commitment, trying one of the Elux vapes is a great place to start. I also like that Elux has a quality, high-powered nicotine free vape option with the Elux Legend 3500 0mg alongside their range of nicotine disposable vapes - so it definitely gives them bonus points.”

4. SKE

In a solid 4th place is SKE vape. The SKE vape brand was built to make quality vaping products. SKE is an abbreviation of “Speed Skier Extreme” as the brand was born based on the adventure and pioneering nature of a winter sport lover. SKE vapes have grown to become a leading UK vape brand, with their range incubating a series of e-cigarettes to keep striving towards a smoke-free era.

The Ske Vape range includes:


Expert Review: “SKE is one of the newer brands on the market, but I am becoming a big fan. Personally, the SKE Amare is my favourite with its bottle flask design and unusual crystal-like appearance with solid colour gradients. Their range of devices are definitely sturdy and are portable, with a selection of popular flavours to choose from that are consistent right to the final puffs.”

5. Vuse

Vuse vape (formerly known as Vype) is one of the best vape brands not just in the UK but globally too. Vuse offers quality vaping products, from disposable vapes to vape pod kits, that are all well tested to ensure they meet the needs of all types of vapers. 

Expert Review: “Vuse vapes are often overlooked when they really shouldn’t be. The Vuse Go in particular has gained a loyal fan base thanks to their array of flavours, nicotine strength options, and user-friendly vape pens. The commitment Vuse has to crafting high-quality devices is really noticeable in the experience you get from a Vuse vape pen. I like that there are so many different Vuse ranges and flavours you can choose from.”

6. Blu

Blu Vape has been a leader of the vape industry since 2009. Blu has created pioneering products to meet the needs of UK vapers, with a range of vape products that have been designed to fit into any day-to-day routine. All Blu vapes are made with quality components and come in a range of flavours (which is part of what makes them one of the best vape brands). Blu's team of innovators, scientists, and quality specialists are committed to staying ahead of the ever-evolving vaping landscape, and providing the best products to meet vapers current needs.

Expert Review: “When I think of Blu vapes as a brand, I think of consistent performance and long-lasting vapes. Their range of vape products, including the famous Blu Bar and Blu 2.0 vape kit, look great and come in a small but varied range of flavours to keep things interesting and offer options for all vapers preferences.”

7. Gold Bar

The Gold Bar vape brand offers only disposable vape kits, but have set new standards with their products combining premium materials and with top craftsmanship to deliver a top vape flavour experience. 

Expert Review: “Gold Bar vape is very new, but definitely has grown massively in popularity - more than you could predict would happen in such a short space of time. I like their unique design, with the look of a real gold bar (hence the brand name). They have built their vape kits with a mesh coil for efficiency and offer a range of flavours including some unique and nostalgic British classics (such as Oasis) for a smoother and more efficient vape experience. I personally am a fan of the Gold Bar vape and have the Gold Bar Raspberry Watermelon in my personal vape rotation.”

8. Pod Salt GO

You may best know the name “Pod Salt” for their range of e-liquids, but their disposable vape brand Pod Salt GO is what has made our best vape brands list. The brand combines the convenience and portability of a disposable vape but with the popular flavours from the premium Pod Salt e-liquid range. 

Expert Review: “The Pod Salt GO is the best way to get the flavour and experience of the Pod Salt e-liquid, but without the mess and commitment of a traditional vape setup. I like that these vapes contain the premium nicotine salt formula while still being contained in a leak-proof and pocket-friendly device. The Pod Salt GO is made to be a convenient option to take on the move, and I like this vape as a quick grab and go option if you are looking for a top vape kit to take with you on the go.”

9. Flonq

It would not be a list of the best vape brands without the appearance of Flonq. Flonq are widely recognised in the UK for their extensive collection of vapes, which all feature the hallmark of quality and innovation. Their devices are also known for keeping the environment in mind with their disposable vapes: each device can be fully deconstructed so you can recycle all of the vape components. Each Flonq vape utilises the latest in vape technology to ensure that the vape experience is top quality - which is a huge part of what makes them one of the best vape brands. 

Expert Review: “From simple disposable vapes to more advanced vape pods kits, Flonq's products are rigorously tested and compliant with regulations, with a balanced selection of flavours, and designs that cater for all types of vapers. To me, it is no surprise that they are gaining a large following among UK vapers who want a more sustainable device that comes with an award-winning design.”

10. Found Mary

Last (but certainly not least) in this list of the best vape brands in Found Mary - a brand from Vape Bars that offers bottle-flask disposable vapes. Found Mary vapes require no setup and are designed to be user-friendly and compact for convenience. 

Expert Review: “Found Mary is one of the newer vape brands in this list, but is definitely one to watch. Their range of vapes comes in a more limited flavour selection for now, but the flavours on offer are high-quality. Their devices are high-powered but light-weight - a solid option if you like a bottle-flask disposable vape, but want to venture out from other vape brands.”

Best Vape Brands: A Final Summary

As always, the best vape brands for you will depend on your preferences - it is important to make sure to factor in what is important to you when making a decision on which vape brands to try. Still not sure which of the best vape brands to try? Here is a side-by-side of all the best vape brands that highlights the most important things to consider when choosing a vape. 

Elf BarLost MaryEluxSKEVuseBluGold Bar VapePod Salt GOFlonqFound Mary
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