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Meet Flonq vape - combining functionality, ergonomics and flavour. The Flonq range is made with high-quality e-liquid, with Flonq vape products providing performance and full compliance with TPD regulations and product registrations.

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All Flonq Vapes

Flonq is a vape brand known for their range of innovative vape products that are made with a commitment to delivering exceptional quality, from disposable vapes to vape pods kits, to vapers in the UK. Flonq take pride in their well-tested, compliant range of vape products, with quality component adaptation, a good flavour selection and functional design to meet the needs of all vapers alike: this is why they are gaining popularity with their vapes in the UK.
The entire range of Flonq vape products includes:

  • - Flonq Alpha
  • - Flonq Plus E
  • - Flonq Max E
  • - Flonq X 
  • - Flonq X Pods

Flonq Alpha Disposable Vape

The Flonq Alpha is a disposable vape from the Flonq vape collection. These Flonq vapes are essentially disposable electronic vape bars, also known as “Puffs”, that are designed to be intuitive and give a quality vape experience. Each device works with inhale activation, so you don’t need to deal with complex menu systems or buttons, and as each device is disposable you just use it to the final puffs then change it out for a new device - no need to deal with messy refills. In the UK, all vapes from Flonq contain a maximum of 2ml of eliquid and are fully TPD compliant. The Flonq Alpha has a 20mg nicotine strength and comes in a range of different flavours including Mint, Green Tea and Peach Ice. 

Flonq Plus E

One of the newest vapes in the Flonq vape range, the Flonq is an innovative take on the classic disposable vape pen - focusing on flavour, design and addressing some of the current challenges of disposable vapes. These disposable vapes are a great option for vapers who are looking for the convenience of a disposable vape with the addition of unique features. Some of the most notable features of the Flonq Plus E are the safety features (such as the device lock system to prevent accidental usage and silicone mouthpiece cover) and innovative pen designs (not only is the pen itself made with a design inspired by 
the Steinway Tower, but the device can be deconstructed to make for easy recycling). 

There are over 23 different flavours of Flonq Plus E vape to choose from including fruit, tobacco, menthol and soda flavours. All Flonq Plus E bars are TPD compliant, containing 2ml of e-liquid, giving up to 600 puff thanks to the mesh coil and 400mAh internal battery. 
Each device is leak-proof and will can last you through the entire day - if you are looking for a unique disposable vape, consider trying the Flonq Plus E!

Flonq Max E

Similar to the Flonq Plus E, the Flonq Max E is also a disposable vape made with design and innovation in mind. These devices come with up to 600 puffs, prefilled with 2ml of 18mg nicotine eliquid. Each puff is powered by a 400mAh internal battery, taking you right to the final puffs of eliquid, and you can activate the safety lock inbetween puffs to avoid accidental use. Once you have used up the puffs, you can deconstruct your device with ease to recycle the different components. 

Flonq X

The Flonq X is a vape pod kit from Flonq that brings new technology to your vape experience. Each device can be paired with the Flonq mobile app to track your usage and device stats, plus the circular LED on the vape device provides a life-cycle indicator, indicates puffs, charge level, recharging process and other functions of this pod kit system. Each Flonq X vape has no buttons and requires no manual control - it doesn’t even require cleaning. 
These Flonq X vapes are compatible with the Flonq X Pods, which come in 6 different classic flavours including Green Tea, Tobacco, Mango, Cherry, Pineapple and Mint. 

Flonq X Pods

Flonq X Pods are prefilled and come in packs of 2 pods. Prefilled pods come, as the name would suggest, prefilled with the nicotine eliquid so you don’t have to put eliquid in and can just change out the pod for a new one when you have used up the eliquid. Each pod comes prefilled with 1.2ml of eliquid that contains 18mg of nicotine. 

Bestselling Flonq Vapes in the UK

While the best product for you might differ, the 5 most popular vapes online from Flonq on Haypp are:

  1. 1. Flonq Plus E Coconut Raspberry
  2. 2. Flonq Plus E Strawberry Kiwi
  3. 3. Flonq Plus E Apricot Mango Peach
  4. 4. Flonq Plus E Cola Ice
  5. 5. Flonq Plus E Watermelon Ice