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SKE Crystal Plus

Meet the SKE Crystal Plus, a rechargeable pod kit from SKE vape (the brand behind the popular Crystal Bar disposable vape). The SKE Crystal Plus pod system is available in an range of metallic colours and there are many compatible prefilled pod options - all with the familiar SKE taste. 

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SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kits

SKE Crystal Plus Pods

Understanding the SKE Crystal Plus

The Crystal Plus pod kit from SKE gives vapers who like the popular Crystal Bar vape a new, reusable pod kit system with the aim to save on wastage.

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What is SKE Crystal Plus?

Say goodbye to traditional Crystal Bar disposables and say hello to the SKE Crystal Plus pod kit—a cost-effective and rechargeable pod vape system with the goal of providing the same popular Crystal Bar flavours but with less waste. The experience you get from the SKE Crystal Plus is similar to disposables, but with the added advantage of reusability - as you can change out the pods when you run out of e-liquid and recharge the device when the battery runs out. 

Why the SKE Crystal Plus Stands Out

What makes the SKE Crystal Plus stand out is their slim vape pen design, range of pods that come prefilled with the popular SKE e-liquid and mesh coil technology. 

  • The design of each Crystal Plus bar is similar to the SKE vape design you are familiar with - an ergonomic vape pen design with a range of metallic colour options coated in a crystal-like casing for a sleek design you can take on the move. 
  • The range of SKE Crystal Plus pods come pre-filled with SKE e-liquid: the flavour range is consistent across all the vape options in the SKE vapes range for a familiar experience but with a cost-effective way that can reduce the waste produced vs a disposable vape.
  • Each device is fitted with a 1.1Ω Mesh Coil which helps reduce wasted e-liquid and improve the efficiency of your pod kit device with a better resistance. 

Dive Deep into the SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit

Each SKE Crystal Plus pod kit comes with one metallic device with crystal casing, a USB-C charging cable so you can recharge the device and a user manual to help you get your device up and running. The SKE Crystal Plus pods are sold separately, but you can easily purchase interchangeable pods alongside the device on Haypp!

Components of the SKE Crystal Plus

The SKE Crystal Plus requires two parts: the SKE Crystal Plus Pods and SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit (both must be purchased separately). 

SKE Crystal Plus Airflow Edition Pod Kit

The SKE Crystal Plus Airflow Edition Pod Kit is designed to offer a more streamlined vaping experience with its adjustable airflow feature. No need to press buttons to activate the device, simply inhale from the vape to activate the mesh coil. 

This device is a rechargeable and reusable pod kit that combines the convenience of a disposable vape with the benefits of a replaceable pod system, making it an eco-friendly option for vapers who want long-lasting durability and convenient quick charging of their vape product.

SKE Crystal Plus Pre-Filled Pods

  • Range of Over 15 SKE Flavours. The SKE Crystal Plus pods are made for the SKE Crystal Plus pod kit and come pre-filled with 2ml of SKE e-liquid. 
  • Packs of Two Pods. These pods come in packs that contain two pods, offering  a cost-effective vape option for MTL vapers who typically choose a disposable vape option (on Haypp, you can even buy multipacks of your favourite pods for the best value). 
  • Pre-Filled with E-Liquid. Each of the SKE Crystal Plus pods comes prefilled with nicotine e-liquid, so you don’t have to deal with messy refills. Just change out the pod for a new one when you run out of e-liquid. 
  • 20mg Nic Salts. Each vape pod comes pre-filled with e-liquid that contains 20mg nic salts versus the classic freebase nicotine. 

SKE Crystal Plus Device

  • Rechargeable Internal Battery. Each SKE Crystal Plus Pod kit comes with a 400mAh internal battery that can be recharged again and again via the USB-C port: which also gives quick charging. When your pod runs out of e-liquid, you can conveniently recharge the battery.
  • Interchangeable Pre-Filled Pods. SKE Crystal Plus pod kits are compatible with SKE Crystal Plus pods. These pods come prefilled with 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid, available in a diverse range of over 15 sweet flavours including Cherry Ice, Strawberry Burst and Lemon Lime. 
  • Mesh Coil. Each SKE Crystal Plus pod kit features a mesh coil, which helps reduce waste and improve the efficiency of the vape. 
  • Sleek Metallic Crystal Design. Each SKE Crystal Plus device is compact and lightweight, incorporating a durable build quality in a slim pen so you can easily fit it in your pocket or bag. The SKE Crystal Plus device is available in a range of four metallic colours.

Setting Up Your SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit

If you are using a SKE Crystal Plus pod kit for the first time, it is important to follow the right steps to ensure your pod kit is set up properly. Here is a simple step-by-step to help you get started with your SKE Crystal Plus pod kit:

  1. 1. Remove the SKE Crystal Plus device from the box and charge it using the provided USB-C charging cable.
  2. 2. Disconnect the device from the power source when it is fully charged.
  3. 3. Attach one of the SKE Crystal Plus pods to the device (sold separately from the device)
  4. 4. Take a slow and steady draw on your vape, filling your mouth with vapour. This process is similar to puffing on a cigar.
  5. 5. Hold the vapour in your mouth for at least 3 seconds before drawing it into your lungs.
  6. 6. Exhale and enjoy your vaping experience.

SKE Crystal Plus Maintenance and Care

To ensure your SKE Crystal Plus pod kit lasts and performs at its best, make sure to keep the device clean and free from dust. You should also make sure to only charge it using the provided charging cable and only use compatible SKE Crystal Plus pods with your SKE Crystal Plus vape.