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Vape Starter Kits

Vape starter kits from top vaping brands like Elf Bar and SKE Crystal include all the equipment you need to get vaping for the first time. At Haypp, we stock some of the best starter vape kits UK, including reusable pod kits or disposable options that make it easier than ever to switch from smoking to vaping. 

Understanding Vape Starter Kits

Vape kits, which can also be referred to as vape mods, pod kits, and pod mods, are available in a variety of selections to suit your vaping preferences and needs. Before you buy a vape starter kit in the UK, it’s important to understand these differences, and what they mean to your vaping journey. 

The main two terms you’ll come across when searching for vape starter kits include:

  • - MTL vape Kits: Mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape kits are mess-free, convenient options that arrive ready to use. Popular MTL kits include disposable vapes, prefilled pod systems, and vape starter kits complete with everything you need to start vaping, such as a device and charger. 
  • - DTL vape Kits:  Direct-to-lung (DTL) vape kits are more complex kits that tend to be popular amongst seasoned vapers looking to tailor their vaping experience. DTL kits include sub-ohm kits or box mod kits, with available customisations like different coil options for experienced users.

An MTL vape kit is the ideal choice for any starter looking for a low-maintenance, convenient vaping option.

Pod Kits vs Disposable Vape Kits

Even when buying MTL starter vape kits, users must decide between pod kits or disposable vape kits. Both of these can be suitable for beginners, but they vary as follows: 

  1. - Pod kits: When people refer to vape kits, they’re often talking about pod kits that require two parts – a vaping device and a prefilled or refillable e-liquid pod. These pods are interchangeable, and will typically last a user between 3-5 days. Pod kits like the Lost Mary Tappo are typically rechargeable using a USB cable that’s not generally included with the kit. 
  2. - Disposable vape kits: Disposable kits are the most popular vaping option amongst over half of users, and include a prefilled, ready-charged device, with an integrated pod that’s ready to go. Disposable kits typically last around 600 puffs, though disposable vapes like Elux’s Legend 3500 are designed to last as long as 3500 puffs. 

Either of these can make great vape starter kits for users in the UK. If you’d prefer a simple vaping device that’s ready to go, then disposable vape kits could be ideal. By comparison, pod kits are easy to use, and are ideal for beginners who would prefer to invest in one rechargeable device that they can test with various pod flavours. 

What’s Included in Vape Starter Kits?

Vape starter kits should provide you with everything you need to start on your vaping journey, though precisely what you receive with your starter kit will vary. With integrated disposable kits, you can expect to receive a vaping device that’s pre-filled with an integrated single e-liquid pod. 

By comparison, the contents of pod kit devices can be more variable. While some manufacturers include USB chargers in their pod kits, many eliminate this addition to keep costs down. Equally, a lot of pod kit devices won’t include e-liquid refills. 

Pod kits like Lost Mary’s Tappo kits will typically include – 

  • - A vape device
  • - One prefilled pod
  • - Instruction manual


You can then purchase additional e-liquid pods as required, though these are an extra expense to consider when first browsing the best vape starter kits. 

The Best Vape Starter Kits UK

At Haypp, we stock a wide range of vape starter kits from some of the best vaping brands in the UK, including SKE Crystal and Elf Bar. The most popular starter vape kits on Haypp last year included: 

ELFA Pro Pod Kit

Elf Bar’s ELFA Pro Pod Kit is a compact pod vape kit that comes with two 2 ml disposable pods, each containing 20 mg nicotine concentration and around 600 puffs. ELFA Pro devices are inhale-activated and include a QUAQ mesh coil to improve the vaping experience. To refill the ELFA Pro, users must simply remove the silicone plug on the bottom of their pods, push in the bottom, and then insert pods directly into their device. Each ELFA Pro device includes a 500mAh battery that’s rechargeable using a type-C USB cable. 

ELFA Pro nicotine salt e-liquid pods are available in 10 flavours, each of which is unique to the Elf Bar brand, and include: 

  • - Apple Peach
  • - Mixed Berries
  • - Pink lemonade
  • - Pineapple Lemon Qi
  • - And more

SKE Crystal Plus

SKE’s Crystal Plus pod kit is a metallic rechargeable SKE device that’s compatible with Crystal Plus pods in unique brand flavours such as Blueberry Sour RaspberryStrawberry Burst, and Blue Fusion

Each kit comes with an SKE Crystal Plus device and a pre-filled pod in one of fifteen available flavours. Device colours vary depending on flavour choice, and each device includes a 400 mAh integrated battery, that’s rechargeable using a type-C USB. 

SKE Crystal Plus devices are designed to look much like SKE’s Crystal Plus disposable range but include a variety of additional features that could be great for beginners, including a tailored air flow control to help you discover your vaping style. The SKE Crystal Plus also includes a mesh coil to help reduce waste and improve vaping efficiency. 

Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit

Lost Mary’s Tappo is the first foray into the pod kit world by one of the UK’s most recognisable vaping companies. Lost Mary Tappo pod kits include everything beginners need to get started with vaping, including – 

  • - An inhale-activated metallic device in one of four designs
  • - One 2ml e-liquid nicotine salt 20 mg pod


Tappo devices are USB type-C rechargeable and include a 750mAh integrated battery that lasts roughly 1.5 hours on full charge. Lost Mary Tappo pods can be easily replaced by activating pod refills by pushing upwards on the rimmed base, leaving for 30 seconds, and then magnetically attaching a new pod to your device. 

Pod flavours include over fifteen of the flavours that have made Lost Mary famous, such as – 

  • - Lost Mary Cherry Cola
  • - Lost Mary Lemon Lime
  • - Lost Mary Mixed Berries
  • - Lost Mary USA Mix

How to Think When Choosing Vape Starter Kits 

Choosing vape starter kits from the UK’s best vaping brands can ensure the quality and reliability of your first device. However, each vape starter kit provides a different experience and benefits. As well as thinking about the UK’s best vaping brands, consider several different vaping factors when making choosing a kit, such as – 


Vape starter kits tend to be affordable because they include everything you need to start vaping straight away, but affordability ultimately depends on the price per puff. A 600-puff disposable might seem cheapest upfront, but a more obviously expensive product like SKE’S Crystal 4-in-1 pod kit may end up cheaper by providing you with as many as 2400 puffs and a reusable device. 

Length of Life:

If you’re looking to try a few different short-life vapes to see what you like, then disposable kits may be best. However, if you’re looking for a long-lasting vape device that you can simply refill, consider a refillable pod-based starter kit like the VUSE Pro Pod Kit


Rechargeable pod kits tend to be a more sustainable vaping option than many short-term disposable kits. 

Where to Buy Vape Starter Kits

It’s important to buy vape starter kits from a trusted vape retailer like Haypp. We provide a wide range of disposable and pod MTL vape kits for every beginner requirement. The majority of our devices include 20 mg e-liquid pods, which is roughly the equivalent of around 20 cigarettes, and we stock a range of pod flavours from vaping brands like Elf Bar, VUSE, and more.

We also offer discounted bulk purchases of up to best-value 20-packs, and fast free shipping. As well as helping you find your favourite vape kit, we’ll keep you topped up in pods and supplies for as long as you need. 

Vape Starter Kits FAQ 

What is a vape starter kit?

A vape starter kit is a complete vaping kit that provides you with everything you need to get started, including your device, e-liquid pod, and even a charging cable from some manufacturers. 

Should all beginners choose an MTL vape starter kit?

Mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape kits are ideal for beginners as they’re ready to use, are inhale-activated, and require minimal maintenance. 

What are the best vape starter kits UK?

The best-selling vape starter kits on Haypp last year included – 

  1. - Elfa PRO Pod Kit
  2. - SKE Crystal Plus
  3. - Vuse Pro Pod Kit 
  4. - Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kits

Are vape starter kits easy to use?

Yes. MTL vape starter kits are incredibly easy to use and should require no more than basic steps to get started. 

Can I try different flavours with my vape starter kit?

The best vape starter kits, such as SKE’s Crystal 4-in-1, allow you to try multiple flavours as you begin vaping.