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MTL Vape Kits

Users looking for the vaping experience that comes closest to smoking a cigarette will enjoy easy-use inhale-activated mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape kits from top brands including VUSE and Lost Mary.

Designed with discretion and ease-of-use in mind, MTL kits provide everything beginners or seasoned users need to start using their device as soon as it’s out of the box.

What is an MTL Vape Kit?

MTL vapes earn their name because you inhale the vapour into your mouth first, before breathing it into your lungs like you would when smoking a cigarette. Most MTL pods balance flavour and vapour thanks to an equal mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, which ensures great taste, and satisfying vapour production. 

An MTL vape kit is a pre-filled, convenient vaping option that is ideal for beginner vapers, or any users looking for an alternative product. Top MTL kits like the VUSE Pro Pod Kit include an inhale-activated vape device, as well as 2 ml e-liquid pod kits with a nicotine concentration of between 20-18mg. 

MTL vape kits can include disposable vape pens or vape pod kits, either of which are designed to require minimal maintenance to make vaping easier for everyone. MTL vape devices tend to last for around 600 puffs, though pod kits like SKE’s Crystal 4-in-1 incorporate four e-liquid pods that can last up to 2400 puffs. 

The Difference Between an MTL and DTL Vape Kit

Unlike an MTL inhale-activated vape kit, a direct-to-lung (DTL) vape kit is similar to breathing air because users draw vapour directly into their lungs. DTL kits tend to be customisable and require a lot of maintenance, making them best for advanced users wishing to tailor their vaping experience. 

The main differences between MTL and DTL vape kits include – 

  • - Target audience: The ease of MTL vape kits makes them ideal for beginner users looking to start with an easy option, while customisable DTL kits would be better for a serious, advanced user. 
  • - Experience: MTL kits more closely resemble the experience of smoking a cigarette, while a DTL device feels more like breathing. 
  • - Taste: Pods from MTL kits combine taste and vapour, while DTL users often favour large vapour clouds over taste. 

The Best Inhale Activated Vape Kits

Inhale-activated vape kits are incredibly popular amongst users and are available from the UK’s top vaping brands, including Lost Mary and SKE Crystal. Join us as we guide you through the best MTL vape kits available on Haypp right now below.


1. ELFA Pro Pod Kits


  • - 500 mAh battery
  • - USB-C recharging
  • - 600 puff count
  • - 20+ Elf Bar pod flavours
  • - 20 mg nic salts


Elf Bar’s ELFA Pro Pod Kit is a popular MTL vape kit thanks to benefits including a USB-C rechargeable 500mAh battery, and a compact design that’s almost as lightweight as a slim pen. ELFA Prop pods are available in some of Elf Bar’s most popular flavour combinations, including Cola, Strawberry Grape, and Watermelon Cherry. To set up your Elfa PRO, remove the labels and silicone plug from your pod, push in the bottom of your pod, and then insert into your device to start vaping. 

2. SKE Crystal Plus 


  • - 400 mAh battery
  • - USB-C port charging with cable included
  • - 600 puff count
  • - Airflow control
  • - 20 mg nic salts
  • - 15 SKE flavours


The cost-effective, rechargeable SKE Crystal Plus shares a design with its namesake, the popular SKE crystal, but with the advantage of reusability, and key features like an airflow control dial. A 400 mAh battery with USB-C compatibility grants SKE Crystal Plus users around 400 puffs per charge, and the kit is one of the few left on the market that comes with a USB charger. SKE Crystal Plus pods are available in 15 top-selling SKE blends, including Blueberry Cherry Blackberry, and Kiwi Passionfruit Guava. To set up your SKE Crystal Plus, simply charge it using the provided cable, attach your pod, and start vaping. 

3. Vuse Pro Pod Kit


  • - Slim, splash-proof design
  • - 1.9ml pod capacity
  • - 370mAh battery
  • - USB-C rechargeable with included magnetic cable
  • - 18 and 12 mg nic salts


Vuse’s Pro Pod kit offers users a next-generation pod device that benefits from features like a slim, splash-proof design, optimised heating technology, and pod refills that provide up to 1900 puffs. Each Vuse Pro device comes with a magnetic USB cable that can charge the Vuse Pro up to 80% in just 35 minutes, while a full charge will last for approximately 60 minutes. Vuse Pro pod refills include over 30 favourite brand flavours, such as Blueberry Ice, Berry Blend, and Golden Tobacco, each of which is available in different nicotine strengths of either 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg.

4. Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kits


  • - 750 mAh battery
  • - USB-C recharging
  • - 600 puff count
  • - 20 mg nic salts
  • - Inhale-activated


Lost Mary’s Tappo Pod Kits are available in four different metallic designs, which include silver stainless steel and Blue Green. Each design is available with a different flavour of pre-filled pod to match. Tappo devices include a 750 mAh USB-C rechargeable battery with around 1.5-hour capacity and QUAQ mesh coil technology for enhanced pod longevity. Tappo pod refills are available in packs of two, providing a total of 1200 puffs, and include Lost Mary’s most popular flavours, such as Cherry Cola and Strawberry Ice.

The Best Place to Buy an Inhale Activated Vape

At Haypp, we stock MTL vape kits from the country’s top vaping brands, including Vuse, Elf Bar, and beyond, as well as refill pods that are available in value bulk packs of up to twenty depending on your needs. Enjoy high-quality MTL vape kits, and free, fast shipping, when you shop with Haypp today. 

MTL Vape Kits FAQ

What is an MTL vape?

Mouth-to-lung (MTL) vapes are convenient devices that require users to take vapour into their mouth before inhaling to their lungs, much like they would when smoking. 

How do MTL vapes vary from DTL vapes?

MTL vapes are typically easier to use right away and require less maintenance than customisable DTL vapes. 

What are the best MTL vape kits?

The best-selling MTL vape kits on Haypp last year included – 

  • - Elfa PRO Pod Kit
  • - SKE Crystal Plus
  • - Vuse Pro Pod Kit 
  • - Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kits