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The side effects of nicotine

The side effects of nicotine & nicotine pouches

Are there any side effects of nicotine? Is Nicotine Pouches a stop smoking method? When am I recommended not to use nicotine?

Are there any side effects to nicotine and nicotine pouches?

Nicotine is addictive but can’t lead to cancer. High doses can cause side effects such as a rise of heartbeat, shivers and nausea. Even though the reaction is unpleasant. 


First-time users to nicotine pouches might experience a slight burn under the lip which will gradually decrease as the body’s oral system gets used to the product. Some flavors, such as lemon and mint can intensify this feeling. A way of reducing the burn is either to change position of the nicotine pouch or put it on the tongue for a while.


During pregnancy, it's not recommended to consume nicotine of any sort as it can be dangerous to the fetus.

Is nicotine pouches a stop smoking method?


We at Haypp are no health experts but follow academic reports and health studies carefully. We can by other means not claim that the products we sell can solve a global health problem. However, many smokers experience nicotine pouches to be a great substitute to cigarettes instead of vaporizers, nicotine spray or nicotine plasters for instance. 


The advantage of switching to nicotine pouches is mainly because the same amount of nicotine can be consumed without exposing the airways to tar which has a high risk of causing lung cancer.  


Furthermore, the predecessor to nicotine pouches, the Swedish snus has been around for more than 200 years. Perhaps this is why Sweden is known for having the least amount of smokers and smoke-related deaths in the world.


Compared to the UK, Sweden has the lowest amount of smokers amongst their population whereas the UK have upwards to 16%. So there are at least arguments that indicate that nicotine pouches can prevent smoking..




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