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Lost Mary DM1200

Meet the new Lost Mary DM1200 (formerly known as the Lost Mary DM600x2) - a brand new product to the disposable vape category, combining the convenience of a classic Lost Mary disposable with the flexibility of a vape pod kits. This unique vape kit contains a disposable device and two pre-filled vape pods - with each kit, you get 1200 puffs! Try the Lost Mary DM1200 disposable vape range and get standard delivery free with every order.

PLEASE NOTE: some products may arrive in packaging named Lost Mary DM600X2 due to the last minute change in name. It is the correct product and the same as the Lost Mary DM1200. All other product specifications remain unchanged.

Lost Mary DM1200 Disposable Vape

The Lost Mary DM1200 disposable series marks a significant advancement in disposable vapes, merging ease of use with the versatility of a rechargeable vape pod kit. Each Lost Mary DM1200 disposable kit comes with 2 pre-filled pods that contain 2ml of 20 mg of nicotine salt e-liquid as well as a pre-charged vape device that can power up to 1200 puffs. You can choose from a range of Lost Mary flavours, including classic flavours (such as Blue Razz Lemonade and Pineapple Ice) as well as new flavours that are exclusive to the Lost Mary DM1200 vape range (such as Blueberry Cloudd and Western Tobacco). These disposable pod kits are ideal for vapers who want to have the experience of a classic disposable vape, but are wanting to try a more cost-effective option that comes with less waste. See more at our page featuring vapes with 1000+ puffs.

Lost Mary DM1200 Flavours

The Lost Mary DM1200 disposable kit is available in a range of flavours to suit different preferences. Each flavour in the Lost Mary DM1200 disposable vape range is formulated to . The current list of Lost Mary DM1200 disposable vape flavours includes:

Flavor NameDescription
Alpine IceA menthol flavour with icy notes on the exhale
Banana IceA sweeter banana flavour that has menthol notes on the exhale
Blue Razz LemonadeA sweet blue raspberry flavour that is combined with a tart lemonade flavour
BlueberryA juicy blueberry flavour
Blueberry Sour RaspberryA combination of sweet blueberry and sour raspberry
Cherry IceA tart and sweet cherry flavour with a menthol note on the exhale
Double AppleA vape combines the flavours of green and red apple
GrapeA sweet grape flavoured vape
Kiwi Passion Fruit GuavaA trio of tropical flavours, combining sweet and tart kiwi, passion fruit, and guava
Lemon LimeA citrus blend of tangy lemon and tart lime
MaryturboAn energy drink flavoured vape
Mix BerriesA combination of sweet and tart berry flavours
Pineapple IceA sweet and tart pineapple flavour with a menthol note on the exhale
Pineapple Passion Fruit LemonA vape flavour combining sweet passionfruit, with tangy pineapple and lemon
Red CherryA sweet, red cherry flavoured vape
Strawberry IceA classic strawberry flavour with a menthol exhale
Triple MangoA ripe mango flavoured vape
WatermelonA tropical watermelon flavour
Western TobaccoA woody tobacco flavoured vape

Lost Mary DM1200 Features

  • - QUAQ Mesh Coil Technology
  • - Unique Disposable Vape Kit Concept: One Pre-Charged Device and Two Pre-Filled Pods
  • - Bright, Bottle-Flask Device Design
  • - Up to 1200 Puffs Per DM1200 Disposable Vape Pod Kit
  • - MTL Compatible Disposable Vape Kit
  • - Over 18 Flavour Options (including some exclusive Lost Mary DM1200 Flavours)


The Lost Mary DM1200 disposable series is equipped with features that enhance the user experience. Each Lost Mary DM1200 disposable device includes QUAQ Coil Technology for consistent flavour delivery and to get the most from your vape kit. Designed for MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) vaping, these devices come with inhale activation, so you can just inhale to get started with your Lost Mary DM1200 disposable vape. Each Lost Mary DM1200 disposable provides approximately 1200 puffs, with each individual pod providing up to 600 puffs and the pre-charged 850mAh internal battery powering your device to the final puffs.

Lost Mary DM1200 Nicotine Strength

The Lost Mary DM1200 series are currently only available in a 20 mg nicotine strength option. This means each pod in your Lost Mary DM1200 disposable vape kit contains 2ml of 20mg of nicotine salt e-liquid. The use of nicotine salts in the e-liquid of the Lost Mary DM1200 disposable contributes to the quality experience you get from this vape kit, offering an upgraded experience compared to traditional freebase nicotine you can find in many classic vape e-liquid.

Buy Lost Mary DM1200 Disposable Vape Kits Online

Lost Mary is a brand known for its commitment to quality in the vaping industry. The Lost Mary DM1200 series, including the Mary DM1200 disposable vape, is a testament to this commitment, offering a range of cheap disposable vapes that focus on user convenience and quality. Choosing to buy Lost Mary DM1200 disposable vapes online offers convenience and ensures you get the best prices on your disposable vapes. On Haypp, we stock the full range of Lost Mary DM1200 disposable products at competitive prices and with free shipping on all orders! Order your Lost Mary DM1200 or other disposable vapes on Haypp's online vape shop and get your new disposable vape kits delivered to your door. Order today and have your order delivered within 2 working days!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Lost Mary DM1200

What is the Lost Mary DM1200?

The Lost Mary DM1200 is a unique range of disposable vapes, which has a setup like a pod kit but with the convenience of a classic disposable vape. Each kit comes with a pre-charged device and two pods that give you up to 1200 puffs per kit.

How Much Nicotine is in a Lost Mary DM1200?

Each Lost Mary DM1200 disposable vape pod contains 2ml of 20 mg nic salt e-liquid.

How Many Puffs Do You Get From a Lost Mary DM1200?

Each Lost Mary DM1200 disposable vape kit gives up to 1200 puffs (or up to 600 puffs per pod).

Where to Buy the Lost Mary DM1200?

You can buy the Lost Mary DM1200 from various retailers, including local highstreet vape stores as well as online stores such as Haypp. When ordering the Lost Mary DM1200 disposable online from Haypp, you get free UK delivery with your order - so you can get your Lost Mary DM1200 vape kit delivered to your door without leaving the house!

How Much Vape Juice is in the Lost Mary DM1200?

Each pod contains 2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid, and each Lost Mary DM1200 disposable vape kit comes with 2 pods.