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Find the best cheap vape kits for every budget. 

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Cheap Vapes: Finding the Right Vape Kit

Looking for budget-friendly vapes? Our guide to disposable vapes covers the best vapes for each price range as well as the best ways to buy disposable vapes.

Best Cheap Vapes (2023)

On Haypp, you can find the top 4 best disposable vape UK brands: Elux, Elf Bar, Lost Mary and Aroma King. Each of these brands has affordable vapes, but which are the best vapes in our range? We ranked Haypp’s 5 favourite cheap vapes:

  • Aroma King Cherry Ice
  • Lost Mary Watermelon Ice
  • Elux Red Apple Ice
  • Elf Bar Mad Blue
  • Lost Mary Blueberry Raspberry

What to Consider When Looking for Cheap Vapes

While good prices are a large motivator, you should never compromise on the quality of the product. To ensure you have a good vape experience, ensure to:

  • Buy vapes from reliable brands. Yes, with vapes brand is important as they go through testing and are designed by specialists. It is also important you buy from a reputable retailer such as Haypp. 
  • Check the vape is legal. UK regulations require all devices be tested before being sold as this helps ensure the safest possible devices are on the market: if you buy vapes from non-reputable retailers, you could end up with potentially dangerous and illegal products that have not been correctly tested. 

Tips for Finding Cheap Vapes

Here are our top 4 tips to ensure your vape experience is budget-friendly:

  1. Consider buying in bulk. Buying your favourite vapes in bulk is the most cost-effective way to get your vapes - and also means you always have a disposable vape to hand!
  2. Choose vapes with a good number of puffs and strong batteries. Make sure to pick vapes with the maximum number of puffs and good battery power to get the most from your vapes. 
  3. Look out for deals. Kind of obvious, but look for deals to get your vapes at even better prices.
  4. Buy vapes online. Online retailers usually have better pricing compared to local vape stores, so try buy online.