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FUYL - one of the newest disposable vapes in the UK.  FUYL disposable vapes have a unique prismatic design and come prefilled with premium Dinner Lady e-liquid. 

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FUYL Vape Overview

FUYL vape - a new shape of vape. The range of FUYL disposable vapes are made in the UK with a good flavour selection and user-friendly design to meet the needs of both beginner vapers and advanced vapers alike. Made with genuine Dinner Lady e-liquid flavours, this is why the FUYL vape has become popular with MTL vapers in the UK in such a short period of time. 

Features of a FUYL Disposable Vape

  • Unique Diamond Cut Device Design: Like most disposable vape devices, the FUYL vape has a  compact and lightweight design with a durable build quality. What sets the FUYL vape apart is their unique diamond cut shape design - this prismatic bottle-flask vape design is ergonomic and stylish.
  • Grade A Li-Ion Battery: Each FUYL disposable vape has a powerful 500mAh built-in battery to power up to 600 puffs per device. Please note that this device cannot be recharged once depleted. 
  • Contains Dinner Lady Nic Salt E-Liquid: Enjoy uninterrupted vaping with the pre-filled 2ml nicotine e-liquid reservoir that contains 2ml of Dinner Lady e-liquid - one of the most popular premium e-liquid brands in the UK. 
  • 20mg Nicotine Strength: Each FUYL vape contains 20mg nic salt rather than freebase nicotine that you find in older vapes. 
  • Wide Flavour Range: Discover the range of FUYL vape flavours, powered by vape Dinner Lady e-liquid. Choose from 14 different flavours.
  • Draw Activated: The FUYL disposable is draw-activated, which gets rid of the need for buttons and makes them convenient for vapers of all experience levels who prefer mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping.

FUYL Disposable Vape Flavours

The full list of FUYL vape flavours features 14 different flavours, including:

  • Apple Peach
  • Blueberry ice
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Raspberry Cola
  • Strawberry Dragon Fruit
  • Watermelon Ice

All flavours are powered by Dinner Lady e-liquid - a premium, UK made vape brand of liquids. What makes the FUYL vape flavours so popular is their formulation - with the e-liquid in FUYL vapes containing a  50/50 PG:VG ratio and nic salts which is perfect for a disposable MTL vape option. 

FUYL Disposable Vape Strengths

FUYL vapes come prefilled with eliquid that contains 20mg of nic salts - making them 2% nicotine vapes. 

The Dinner Lady e-liquid that powers the FUYL vape contains nicotine salt instead of freebase nicotine, providing a smoother vaping experience. Plus each FUYL disposable vape is leak-proof and lasts throughout the day for a convenient on the go vape that is mess and fuss free!

How to Use a FUYL Vape

A FUYL disposable vape requires no set-up: each FUYL vape device arrives fully charged and filled with e-liquid, ready for you to get started. Here are 3 steps to get you underway with a FUYL vape:

  1. Prepare the device with a “primer puff” so you heat the coil of your FUYL vape without drawing any vapour to warm up the atomiser before you start using up the puffs.
  2. Take a slow and steady inhale - make sure to inhale confidently to fill your mouth with vapour before holding it there (like you do with a cigar). 
  3. Once you have inhaled the vapour, hold it in your mouth for at least 3 seconds before you draw it into your lungs. 

Where to Buy a FUYL Vape

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What is the Battery Life of Fuyl Disposable Vape?

A FUYL disposable vape will last up to 600 puffs, powered by a 500mAH battery. 

Can I Recharge My FUYL Disposable Vape?

No, you cannot recharge a FUYL disposable vape.

How Many Flavours Does FUYL Offer?

FUYL vapes come in 14 different flavours.

Is FUYL Suitable for Beginners?

FUYL vapes are suitable for any adult vaper who prefers a MTL compatible vape that is disposable. 

Where Can I Buy FUYL Disposable Vape?

You can buy a FUYL disposable vape on Haypp.