White Fox Mint Slim Extra Strong

White fox mint
White fox mint
White fox mint
White fox mint
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Cool and stylish can from GN Tobacco with their first All white nicotine pouch called White Fox. White Fox Mint with a cool and icy mint flavour together with an extra high nicotine strength makes this one of the strongest all white tobacco free nicotine products available in the market.


The White fox comes in the slim format and has a weight of 0,75 gram and contains as much as 12 mg of nicotine per pouch which makes this an Extra Strong nicotine pouch. 

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Khalid A Hameed, 14 August 2019


Very clean, handy when travelling.

Quark head, 15 June 2019


I am used to American tobacco pouches and lose, 22mg and such, I was expecting these white bags to be weak, well they are much stronger than expected. I think it seems stronger because for me all the nicotine feels like it is released at the start of gumage. Overal i did enjoy and i probably would buy again. 🚬❄🌝

Baby bear, 17 May 2019

This cheeky number eased me in to my new cigarette free life

Love love love it!!!, So glad I've finally found a item that keeps me from smoking and even stopped my cravings. Thank you guys

JB, 14 May 2019

Nice buzz

Nice and strong buzz with a very fresh flavour.

Tom s, 30 April 2019

Tastes great. But very strong!

Great flavour. Pouches have a very comfy fit, can even forget it's there. But beginners beware, very high nicotine contents. Strong strong buzz

Short facts
Brand White fox
Product type All White Portion
Format Slim
Strength Extra strong
Flavour Mint
Pouches per can 20
Nicotine strength (mg/pouch) 12
Weight per pouch (gram) 0.75
Producer GN