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Thunder is a brand manufactured by V2 famous for their high nicotine content in a great variety of different flavours. 

Thunder covers the strong and extra strong segment in a matter of nicotine content, making their products mainly recommended for experienced users of nicotine. 

Thunder - Tobacco Free Snus

Here at Haypp, we provide you with an extensive selection of Thunder tobacco free snus pouches. If you appreciate high strength nicotine pouches, we've got you covered. In fact, with six great flavours, you will always find one that suits you. So, shop today for these strong and extra strong pouches. If you want to treat yourself, opt for our Thunder mixpack for more variety.


  • - Tobacco free Thunder nicotine pouches


  • - Variety of flavours available


  • - Strong and extra strong levels

Thunder nicotine pouches

All our pouches at Haypp are made from top quality products. Browse our selection of Thunder tobacco free snus UK today and choose from our six different flavours. Our range includes Deep Freeze, Apple Mint, Frosted, Dark Frost, Citrus, and Cool Mint. Enjoy the cool refreshing taste and nicotine buzz when you pop them behind your lip. With 10.2mg of nicotine, our Thunder range pouches are in the strong range and are suitable for experienced users.

Our Thunder products

Apart from offering you a varied selection of flavours, all nicotine pouches come in a small can that you can take wherever you go. Each can contains 21 Thunder pouches and they offer you a cool, refreshing taste. In addition, all pouches are chalk white, meaning that they won't stain your teeth. Although Thunder pouches are tobacco free, you still have the nicotine. Just slip the pouch behind your lip and enjoy the sensation in a discreet and convenient way.

General information about Thunder

If you have chosen one of our Thunder products, you are most probably an experienced user. But, if you are wondering how long a box lasts, we can tell you that this varies depending on how often you use the pouches. However, on average, regular users consume approximately 4 boxes a week.