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Shiro is a Japanese word meaning white, which their nicotine pouches also are! Shiro's slim and discreet nicopods are presented in two different shades of mint and strenghts.

Choose between flavours of Sweet Mint and strong Cool Mint to licorice and drink influensed flavours like mojito, pina colada and cuba libre.

The nicotine pouches is made out of plant fibres and nicotine extracts for a soft and dry feeling under the lip. Shiro is the perfect choice if you're new to the pouch market and looking for a clear cut flavour of mint and menthol!

Try Shiro nicotine pouches today

With delicious refreshing flavours ranging from sweet mint and sour red berry to liquorice, Shiro welcomes you to our range of tobacco free nicotine pouches. These pouches provide customers with distinct flavours. Just pop them in your mouth and enjoy the cool taste. These Shiro nicotine pouches are the perfect choice for those of you who enjoy products from the Shiro tobacco free snus market.


  • Shiro tobacco free
  • Range of different flavours
  • Different strengths available

Shiro products

Here at Haypp, we provide you with Shiro nicotine pouches that are all tobacco free. Available in different flavours and strengths, we offer you the perfect pouches in neat cylindrical cans. Whatever strength pouch you're looking for, we've got you covered. From 0.1mg for new users to 9mg for those more experienced, you can choose the strength you prefer. On top of that, all our pouches are chalk white. That means they won't stain your teeth.

Flavours on offer from Shiro nicotine pouches

Enjoy our Shiro nicotine pouches in an array of flavours. Whatever taste you are looking for, we can satisfy your needs. Shiro nicotine pouches come with seven different options, including our refreshing flavours, such as fresh mint, tingling mint, cooling mint, and lime. Alternatively, try the red berry collection offering sour red berry medium or sour red berry mini normal. Stored in small cans, these portable pouches can be taken with you wherever you go.

Choose your Shiro nicotine pouches' strength

As well as offering you an array of different flavours, Shiro nicotine pouches are also available in different strengths. Newer customers may prefer the Shiro mint fresh mini. With only 2.2mg of nicotine per pouch, this is the perfect option. However, for those looking for something stronger, try Shiro Tingling Mint Extra Strong, which comes with 9.3mg of nicotine in each pouch. So, shop online with us today to find your perfect Shiro pouch.