Lyft is currently out of stock. Check out the latest brand from BAT - VELO by clicking here 


Lyft is the new version of products from the same producer of the classic brand Epok.  The difference is that Lyft’s slim nicotine pouches are all white but still contains the same great taste. In a mix of great different flavors, Lyft is today one of the most sold brands in the all white-segment. Find your personal favorite in-between everything from the classic Mint to a refreshing burst of Berry Frost.


The cans are produced in a cylindrical shape, which makes it a perfect fit for your pocket and super easy to open. That combined with the handy lid at the top of the can to put your used pouches makes the Lyft-products perfect to carry along and use - whatever your next adventure holds. Read more about cans in our 'How to use'-guide.


So if you’re looking for a brand providing many great flavors in different strengths - Go for Lyft!