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LYFT is back with a new line of artisan flavours!
The new and improved line of LYFT nicotine pouches have a slim design and come is 3 different flavours and two different strengths.  Read more about Lyft Pouches

Looking for a new, unique flavour? Try LYFT.

For the old LYFT flavours, you can find them under the brand VELO

LYFT Nicotine Pouches

LYFT nicotine pouches are back and better than ever. With a new range of 3 artisan flavours, LYFT pouches are perfect for a unique and indulgent nicotine experience. These discreet pouches are smoke and tobacco-free that you place between your lip and gum for up to 40 minutes of enjoyment. 

LYFT UK has a range of slim pouches in two strengths (regular and strong) and 3 flavours, so there is a luxury pouch for all users. 

NOTE: the old range of LYFT nicotine pouches can be found under VELO. For example, LYFT Freeze now VELO x Freeze has the same familiar flavour just under a different brand name. 

LYFT Strengths

  • LYFT nicotine pouches come in two strengths:

    - Regular: 5.6mg of nicotine per pouch

    - Strong: 9.8mg of nicotine per pouch

LYFT Flavours

You can find 3 flavours of LYFT products:

  1. 1. Barista Twist: A well rounded coffee pouch with a nutty essence. 
  2. 2. Just Bloom:  A crisp, cider-like flavour of apple with floral notes.
  3. 2. Cool Air LYFT Cool Air has a chilling, multi-layered mint flavoured pouch combining the menthol chill with the sweet and spicy mint notes.

LYFT Nicotine Pouch Ingredients

Nicotine pouches are comprised of a similar list of ingredients, including:

  • Stabilizers
  • Nicotine Salt
  • Fillers
  • Flavourings
  • pH Adjusters
  • Sweetners

How to Use LYFT Pouches


Using LYFT pouches is easy - you need to:

  1. STEP 1: Place the pouch in your mouth.
  2. STEP 2: Position it between the upper or lower lip and gum.
  3. STEP 3: Enjoy the slight tingling sensation for up to 40 minutes.
  4. STEP 4: Remove the pouch and dispose of it in the lid of the can or straight in the bin.

Order LYFT Online

You can order your favourite LYFT products on Haypp. Just place the items in your basket and checkout. You can get your order of LYFT products the next working day, right to your door. 


What are LYFT Nicotine Pouches?

LYFT is a brand of nicotine pouches from BAT (British American Tobacco) that comes in 3 unique flavours and 3 strengths. 

How Many Pouches are in a Can of LYFT?

There are 24 pouches in each LYFT can.

How Much Do LYFT Pouches Cost?

On Haypp, one can of LYFT nicotine pouches costs £6.59 (however, you can save by buying in packs of 5 or 10 cans). 

Does LYFT Contain Nicotine?

Yes, LYFT pouches do contain nicotine. 

Is LYFT Safe?

LYFT products contain nicotine, which is highly addictive and can be hard to quit. Find out more in our guide “Are Nicotine Pouches Safe?“

Are There Any LYFT Nicotine Pouch Side Effects?

LYFT pouches do contain nicotine; overuse of nicotine can have negative side effects such as chills and nausea. 

What is the Difference Between LYFT and VELO?

VELO has all of the old LYFT products (such as LYFT Freeze (now VELO)) in their selection and LYFT has a new range of unique blends. Learn more about VELO vs LYFT in our guide.