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Lost Mary Menthol

This menthol flavoured vape is developed by Elf Bar which is sold under the brand name Lost Mary. Lost Mary products are disposable vape pens which are designed with convenience and customer satisfaction in mind. They each offer 600 puffs with 20mg of nicotine in each cartridge. This provides a long vaping experience while also giving a hit of nicotine.
Disposable vaping pens offer a lot of convenience when it comes to vaping. There's no need to purchase an expensive device, refill it with different liquids, or maintain it through regular cleaning. You can pick up a device for an affordable price, use it, and then recycle it when you're done.

Who is Lost Mary Menthol For?

Lost Mary Menthol is a minty and sweet flavour that provides the user with nicotine. The devices are great for people who want to try vaping, or anyone who likes to try new flavours. They're convenient and you don't need to invest heavily into the device to get the most out of it. In particular, Lost Mary Menthol appeals to people who:

  • - Like vaping but don't want to purchase an expensive vaping device or pen.
  • - Want to try lots of different flavours before investing in e-liquid.
  • - Enjoy having a small vaping device they can take with them anywhere.
  • - Are looking for more convenient and affordable vaping options.

If you're someone who values the above points, then you'll find a lot to enjoy with Lost Mary Menthol products.

Lost Mary Menthol BM600

Lost Mary produces a variety of different products. There is a huge range of flavours, but there are also a number of different devices.

The Lost Mary Menthol BM600 is just one of the many different products in the range. The BM600 code describes the type of vaping device it is. In this case, it's a flask-like design that features a textured rubber grip. This makes it easy to hold, and it won't slip out of your hands too easily, which is a concern when using other vaping devices with a smooth material.

In addition, the Menthol Lost Mary BM600 features a 360 mAh battery to ensure a smooth vaping experience from start to finish. It's also activated by inhaling, so you don't need to press any buttons or change settings to start vaping. You just take the device, put it to your mouth, and inhale to enjoy. It's highly convenient and makes it easy for people who don't enjoy all of the buttons and features on more expensive vaping products.

The Menthol Lost Mary BM600 contains 2ml of e-liquid. This offers around 600 puffs of vaping which can last a long time depending on how much you use it. This also contains 20mg of nicotine salts.

The BM600 is just one of the many products in Lost Mary's range. If you're interested in different flavours and design styles, check out our Lost Mary page to see our collection.

Lost Mary Menthol Flavour Profile

The menthol flavour provides a minty experience with a hint of sweetness that lingers in the mouth, perfect for people who prefer mint flavours over the more fruity selection that Lost Mary offers.

Lost Mary Menthol Nicotine Content

Lost Mary disposable vape products contain 20mg of nicotine. This comes in the form of nicotine salts in the 2ml of e-liquid found inside the tank.

Lost Mary Menthol Activation Method

Lost Mary vaping devices are all inhale-activated, meaning it will start to produce vapour the moment you inhale through the mouthpiece. The entire process is automated and you don't need to turn on any switches or activate settings. This makes Lost Mary disposable vape pens very convenient to use.

Lost Mary Menthol Vaping Safety

Lost Mary's disposable vape pens are built with safety and quality in mind. Despite being products that are thrown away after use, they are still made using Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PCTG), a food-safe material that follows stringent safety standards. This means that bacteria is not likely to affect the device or the e-liquid inside, and there is virtually no chance that impurities can taint the device if used correctly.

People often find it concerning to use disposable vape pens because they're designed to be thrown away, but the reality is that Lost Mary's products are designed and manufactured to high standards. 

In short, you can purchase and use a Lost Mary disposable vape with peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that Lost Mary cares about issues such as quality control, hygiene, and the safety of its customers.

Purchase Lost Mary Menthol Today

Lost Mary Menthol disposable vape pens are available in our store. If you're looking for an affordable and convenient vaping device that you can throw away after you're done, then the Lost Mary range of products is a great choice. With a large range of delicious flavours to pick from and several sizes, we're confident that you'll love Lost Mary's products. Check out our Lost Mary Flavours page to browse our selection.