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Meet the Juul vape range! Juul UK has a range of different vape products and devices, including Juul Starter Kits, JUUL Devices and Juul Pods. 
Shop the full Juul vape range on Haypp with good prices on Juul2 and other Juul vape products.

All Juul UK Products

Juul are a global brand knowns for their range of popular vaping products, and are best known by UK vapers for their vape pod kits and prefilled pods range. 
The entire range of Juul UK products includes:

  • - JUUL Starter Kit Device: A rechargeable vape device that works with the range of JUUL vape pods. 
  • - JUUL Pods: JUUL offers a variety of pre-filled pods compatible with JUUL devices.


NOTE: JUUL2 Vapes are replacing original JUUL vape kit. The JUUL 2 is a considerable upgrade, with a 25% bigger battery, and 2ml of eliquid in each pod, plus the added bonus of a battery indicator and a companion app (so you can connect your vape with your phone). 

JUUL Starter Kit: Rechargeable Vape Kits from JUUL

If you have been looking for a convenient, easy-to-use vaping solution, meet the JUUL starter kit - one of the UK vape kits you can find on Haypp. This is a kit that is premade to get you started with a JUUL rechargeable vape kit and contains one JUUL device and two JUUL prefilled nicotine pods. 
The JUUL rechargeable pod kits are a rechargeable alternative to the classic disposable vapes that are popular in the UK. The range of different JUUL UK rechargeable pod kits offers a hassle-free vaping experience for all different vapers. 
We break down the different parts that make up the JUUL2 Rechargeable Vape kit (each part can also be bought separately, and replacement pods can be bought on Haypp too):

  • - JUUL2 Device
  • - JUUL2 Pods
  • - JUUL2 USB Charging Dock

JUUL Device: The Rechargeable Device from JUUL

The JUUL2 vape device has a stylish and ergonomic design - available in a selection of classic metallic colours (such as slate grey and silver). These JUUL devices are compatible with a range of different pods in classic JUUL flavours, from classic tobacco to menthol flavours. These devices have a long-lasting battery life, you can vape all day without worrying about running out of power. When your device runs out of power, just use the JUUL USB charging dock to get your device back up and running. 

JUUL USB Charging Dock: Fast Charging for JUUL Devices

The JUUL USB charging dock allows you to recharge your JUUL2 device quickly and easily. Just plug your JUUL2 Charging Dock into a USB port and lay the JUUL2 device sideways on the magnetic dock to begin charging. 

It is important to note that the JUUL USB Charging Dock is only compatible with JUUL2 vapes. 

JUUL Pods: Prefilled Pods for the JUUL2 Device

The range of JUUL pods you can find on Haypp are compatible with JUUL2 devices. Each pack of JUUL vape pods comes prefilled with nicotine eliquid and come in 9mg, 18mg and 20mg nicotine strength options and a range of tobacco or menthol flavours. 
All these pods contain JUUL eliquid: the eliquid from JUUL combines glycerol, propylene glycol, natural oils as well as extracts and flavour plus nicotine and benzoic acid. 
The JUUL2 vape kit’s temperature-regulated vapour technology works together with the special blend JUUL eliquid for consistent vapour production. 

Top JUUL Vape Products

While the best product for you might be different, the most popular products from the JUUL UK range on Haypp are:

Top 5 JUUL Pods

When choosing a vape kit, it is all about the pods: but which JUUL pods are most popular with Haypp vapers? The current top 5 UK vape pods from JUUL you can find on Haypp are:

Order JUUL and Other UK Vapes

You can buy the full range of JUUL2 vape products, including JUUL pods and JUUL devices, on Haypp. Explore our range of vapes in the UK on Haypp’s online vape store. Order today for fast, free shipping from our UK warehouse and make the most of our low-price guarantee!