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COZ Nicotine Pouches

A tobacco-free nicotine pouch made of pure white snus is what COZ is. It comes in four different flavours and is formulated in accordance with the Swedish Food Classification standards.

Manufactured by a company that has been in the tobacco-nicotine industry for over 25 years, the beauteous characteristics of Norway itself are the inspiration for COZ

COZ Nicotine Pouches

Produced and manufactured in its private factory outside Ulricehamn (Sweden), come millions of COZ snuff boxes. From there, manufacturers take extra care and scrutiny, ensuring every part of their production meets the highest standard possible.

About COZ

The mission of COZ is to make a smoke-free world possible. Also, through its quick delivery system, they guarantee its freshness and ready accessibility.

The multiple stages of careful production and quality control define this great product you deserve. In addition to being absolutely tobacco-free, COZ comes in pure white colour by excessively reducing the smell and taste of tobacco. What it comes to is a cleaner and more flavourful element becoming possible.