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Nicotine Free Snus

In this section we list all of our products free from nicotine. 

The pouches are made in the same way as regular nicotine pouches, meaning that the slim and discreet profile, as well as the bursting flavours, are still there, the only difference is that these ones are completely free from nicotine. 


So if you're looking for a way to cut down on nicotine but still enjoy that feeling under the lip - well, here you go!


Scroll down and pick what you feel fits you the best!

Nicotine free snus and nicotine free pouches

Snus or oral tobacco has traditionally contained tobacco and nicotine. However, in the EU and UK, customers are also searching for a new kind of product. They don't want tobacco or nicotine. However, they do want something that gives them a pleasant experience and the same sensation in the mouth. Nicotine free snus pouches can help with this, so let's take a look at what's on offer from


No nicotine snus

As customers move away from tobacco, there is an ever growing demand for alternatives. Some customers want to cut out nicotine completely, but still want to use pouches. Therefore, companies have started to make nicotine free snus. Indeed, the pouches will allow you to enjoy the feeling and taste of nicotine pouches, without the nicotine and tobacco. They're a great option for customers who want the satisfaction of pouches, but without any additions.

Nicotine free snus has teamed up with KickUp nicotine free pouches to stock a couple of their exciting flavours. BAT makes the KickUp pouches, and they have had many years of experience in this industry. The pouches are made in the same way as other tobacco free pouches, the only difference being that they don't contain nicotine. Therefore, they are still slim and discreet, and they are made from the same safe materials. Additionally, these pouches contain caffeine.

Nicotine free summarized

The snus business is rapidly changing as customers want products that give them the same satisfaction as the old tobacco based products. However, they don't want tobacco or nicotine. Nicotine Free pouches, such as Kickup, offer a good alternative to the nicotine pouches, as they are made in the same way, but using caffeine as a substitute to the original ingredients. stocks Nicotine free brands such as Kickup, Onico and Lewa, so you can get them delivered to your door with our fast online service.