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What are On! nicotine pouches? A guideline

An explanation of how to use On! pouches, as well as what flavours and nicotine strength On! offers.

On! nicotine pouches only contain nicotine crystals, salt, and ingredients found in food and food supplements, without any tobacco, which means that you can keep your nicotine can in your pocket or bag, rather than having to keep it refrigerated. These pouches are also all white, which means that they will not stain your teeth or lips, and drip is minimised. Moreover, the pouches are sized as mini, and are very discreet, which means that you can consume them at any time without anyone noticing. 


How do you use On! nicotine pouches

On! pouches are very easy to use. They are small and easily fit underneath your upper lip – nestled between the lip and gums. On! pouches are classified as "dry" and will therefore need some saliva to begin the absorption process. You can help them along by placing them on your tongue first, just provide a bit of moisture. The good news with dry nicotine pouches is that they do not need to be refrigerated or specially stored to retain any moisture, and you can simply carry them around with you. Do keep them out of direct sunlight however, to avoid them from drying out too much.

If you are unsure of how to use your nicotine pouch, On! cans come with a printed guide at the back, to help you enjoy your nicotine pouch to the fullest.

When you first begin using nicotine pouches, it is very common to feel a slight burning or tingling sensation under your lip. This is the nicotine being absorbed through your gums and into the bloodstream. If it feels too uncomfortable, move the pouch around a bit. With time, this feeling will disappear

After about 20 minutes, remove the On! pouch and dispose of it in the regular trash. On the bottom side of the On! can is a small flap that can hold your used pouches, so that you can store them if there is no rubbish bin in the vicinity.


What flavours and strengths does On! Offer?

On! nicotine pouches have something for everyone. On! offers a solid range of aromas, including the popular mint and citrus options, as well as coffee, berries and liquorice. Each can contains 20 pouches. 

The pouches are also available in three different strengths: 3 mg, 6 mg and 9 mg. The strength of the pouches is clearly marked on the front of the can, either using a circle measure of four circles, with two filled circles being the option with the regular amount of nicotine, three filled circles signaling a strong nicotine strength, and four filled circles for the extra strong strength. You can also see the number of mg each pouch contains, plainly written out on each On! can. The packs are also colour-coded according to strength, with lighter colours representing a lower strength, and a darker colour representing a strong nicotine level. These colours also indicate the flavour of the pouches (e.g. yellow for citrus and red for berry).

Something fun and different about the On! packaging is its shape. Rather than sticking to the traditional round shape, On! cans are square with an easy to open lid clearly marked on the side.

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