LYFT Barista Twist Slim Strong

LYFT Barista Twist Slim Strong
£42.99 (£4.30 per pc)
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LYFT Barista Twist Strong - Slim Nicotine Pouches with a clear coffee flavour together with a nicotine content of 9,8mg per portion.

Each can contain 24 portions. 
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Do you prefer a discreet taste of coffee? Then treat yourself with the taste of Barista Twist with a nutty undertone.

The nicotine pouches are served in a Slim format together with extra high nicotine content. Barista Twist is also available as a normal strong variant here.

LYFT is relaunched as a new-old brand - the focus is on the more exclusive nicotine pouches, and it will be felt on the packaging and the portions.


Each can contain 24 slim portions.


Short facts
Brand Lyft
Content per can (gram) 16,8
Flavour Coffee
Format Slim
Nicotine strength (mg/pouch) 9.8
Pouches per can 24
Product type All White Portion
Weight per pouch (gram) 0,7
Strength Extra Strong
Producer BAT