How do you like it - strong or intense?

You know which flavour floats your boat and you’ve even mastered when to indulge. Hint - whenever you like! But what about the strength and intensity, and what, actually, is the difference?

Let’s break it down:


The strength of our pouches are measured by the amount of nicotine that they contain. Ours typically come in 2mg up to 12mg of nicotine per pouch.


The intensity is measured by how powerful the flavour is. Cool Mint for example, is more intensely minty than Spearmint… Who knew?


You can easily check the strength and intensity of all of our nicotine pouches on this website. When you go to the page of the product you’re interested in, you’ll see on the right hand side two small bars under ‘strength’ and ‘intensity’. These indicate the levels - not much colour in the bar means not much strength or intensity. Simple, right?


So what strength should you go for? If you’re usually a heavy nicotine user, then you should probably go for more nicotine strength (more colour on the bar). Those of you who usually use less nicotine should opt for a lighter hit (less colour). So far, so good…


Intensity on the other hand is a different ball game. This one is completely individual, do you like strong flavours or something more subtle? Bergamot and Wildberry, for example, is a more subdued flavour, whereas Citrus packs a mightier punch. So depending on the sensation you’re going for - you’ll need to pick your intensity accordingly.