What Is Zafari

What are Zafari nicotine pouches? The Guide

The Haypp Group explains how to use Zafari pouches, as well as what flavour and strengths are available, and what the packaging looks like. 

Zafari nicotine pouches are the brainchild of the Swedish company Zafari, that traces its roots back to surfing and the ever-changing element of the ocean. The brand’s slogan is “Life is a Zafari”. As such, the brand is imbued with a certain sense of calm, wonder and joy.


What flavours and strengths does Zafari offer?

It should come as no surprise that a brand that embodies freshness and everything exotic has chosen to offer more fruityflavours, such as Sunset Mango, Desert Mint and Breezy Citrus (a fusion of lemon and lime).

All of the variants are offered with a strength of 4 mg per portion, which makes them the perfect choice for both beginners and veteran nicotine pouch users.

Zafari nicotine pouches are an all white product, which means that drip is minimized, allowing you to enjoy the flavour and nicotine for longer. Moreover, all white nicotine pouches do not stain your teeth, so you can consume these pouches without any worries about your pearly white smile.


How are Zafari nicotine pouches packaged?

The three different flavours are all packaged in cans of different colours: a dark green hue for mint, a burnt orange shade for mango, and a light green colour for citrus.

Zafari’s beachy vibe is brought through in the packaging, as the waves and palm trees logo is given pride of place on the lid of the can.

Each can of Zafari contains 20 pouches, with each pouch weighing 0.7 grams. This means that each can weighs around 14 grams – which makes them perfectly lightweight to carry in your back pocket or bag. The fact that nicotine pouches are a dry product also means that they do not need refrigeration, so feel free to grab a can and carry it with you everywhere. Do be aware that leaving it in direct sunlight can cause the nicotine pouches to dry out, which will change their taste and consistency.


How do you use Zafari nicotine pouches?

As Zafari nicotine pouches are a dry product, they require some moisture to begin the nicotine absorption process. You can easily wet the pouches slightly by placing them on your tongue, before inserting them underneath your top lip. Likewise, you can place the pouch directly under your lip and use your tongue to bring some saliva to the pouch. Nicotine pouches tend to be used for approximately 30-40 minutes, after which time the flavour and strength will begin to fade. Once you are done with your pouch, you can throw it into the regular trash.

With their slim size, Zafari nicotine pouches fit between your lip and gums perfectly, and are very discreet. No one should be able to even notice that you are using a nicotine pouch.

When you first start using nicotine pouches, you may feel some slight tingling underneath your lip. This is perfectly normal, and just means that the nicotine is being absorbed into your bloodstream. You will grow accustomed to this feeling over time. However, if the discomfort is too much, you can try to move the pouch around, allowing it to touch different parts of your lip and gums, so that less pressure is placed on one single spot.

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