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What are Snö nicotine pouches? A guideline

When you first see Snö nicotine pouches, there is one obvious difference that immediately catches your attention! The packaging for Snö pouches is made from recycled paper, and looks like a brown bag rather than the traditional plastic can. The great thing about Snö's packaging is that it can be recycled as many as 8 times in your normal paper and cardboard recycling bin. After being recycled 8 times, it is then converted into biofuel. 

What do Snö nicotine pouches contain?

Another thing that sets the Snö nicotine pouch brand apart from its competitors is the fact that it does not use soda ash in its products. Rather, the nicotine pouches contain plant fibers, nicotine and aromas for the flavours. These pouches are 100% tobacco-free and are classified as all white, which means that they will not leave stains on your teeth. Moreover, all white pouches have less drip, which means that the flavour and nicotine last for longer. 

What flavours and strengths are Snö nicotine pouches available in?

Snö's pouches only have one nicotine strength, and are sold at 7 mg/g across the board. This level of nicotine classifies the pouches as strong, and they are therefore more suitable for experienced nicotine pouch users. 

Snö nicotine pouches are available in 4 delicious flavours, including the consumer favourites Mint and Evergreen, as well as the more spicy options of Chili and Cinnamon. Snö users often praise the pouches for their minimal stinging sensation during use, and for the fact that the flavour is long-lasting. Considering that nicotine pouches are often used for approximately 30-40 minutes at a time, it is important that the aromas last during that time, and that a minimal stinging sensation is felt.

If you are new to the world of nicotine pouches, the simplest way to use Snö pouches is to discreetly place them under your top lip. You can use your tongue to move the pouch around slightly if you experience a bit of tingling or burning. Please note that this is perfectly normal, and is merely the nicotine being absorbed into your bloodstream. This feeling will fade over time, as you grow more accustomed to using nicotine pouches.

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