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What Is Lyft

What are LYFT nicotine pouches? A guide

An explanation of LYFT pouches: how to use them and how they are packaged.

LYFT is the Scandinavian version of the Velo nicotine pouch brand, is produced in Sweden, and is a part of the British American Tobacco Company. Unlike Velo however, the pouches are available in a wide range of 9 different flavours, providing exotic tastes such as Tropic Breeze (an Asian fusion of passion fruit, mandarin and mango), as well as the more common aromas of Blonde Roast coffee and mint. In fact, LYFT offers one of the most varied flavour palates on the market.

If you are familiar with the white tobacco pouches from EPOK, then you will be interested to know that LYFT is a spin-off of the EPOK pouches. Rather than processing the tobacco into a white filling, the producers now use non-tobacco, natural products for the filling – while retaining the nicotine kick that you are familiar with. In future, LYFT will be sold instead of EPOK.


How are LYFT nicotine pouches packaged?

Each can of LYFT weighs 16.8 grams and contains 24 pouches, which are 100% tobacco free and all white – which means that your teeth will not get stained from using the nicotine pouches. In fact, the all-white design of the pouches also decreases their dripping potential, allowing the flavour and nicotine boost to last for longer.

Each pouch weighs 0.7 grams and is filled with environmentally friendly natural fibres from pine and eucalyptus.

There are also different variants that offer varying levels of nicotine strength. To show you how strong a LYFT product is, a clever measurement is displayed on the front of the can, consisting of four circles that are filled in as the nicotine strength increases. These four strength variants are known as Mellow (1 circle), Normal (2 circles), Strong (3 circles) and X-Strong (4 circles). Mellow pouches contain 6-8 mg/g of nicotine, Normal contains 8-12 mg/g, Strong contains 14 mg/g, and X-Strong contains a whopping 16 mg/g. This means that LYFT caters to the needs of both novice and veteran nicotine pouch users.

Moreover, each pouch is guaranteed to provide 30-40 minutes of nicotine stimulation.


How to use LYFT nicotine pouches

LYFT nicotine pouches are easily and discreetly placed under the top lip, allowing the nicotine to be absorbed through the gums and into the bloodstream (the same process as with the EPOK white tobacco pouches). Some users have mentioned experiencing a slight tingling or burning sensation when they first try nicotine pouches. However, this feeling will fade over time. If it feels too unpleasant, you can simply try moving the pouch to different areas of the lip.

LYFT nicotine pouches are also very convenient, as they do not require refrigeration – as long as they are kept out of direct sunlight, you can store them anywhere. The LYFT can fits easily into jeans pockets or handbags, so you can carry your nicotine pouches with you wherever you go.

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