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What are Shiro nicotine pouches?

What are Shiro nicotine pouches?

Shiro pouches are the nicotine pouches produced by AG snus in Sweden – as can be seen by the Shiro cans' similarity to LYFT and Epok snus cans. In fact, the sleek and white design of the Shiro nicotine pouch can is very elegant and sophisticated; however, it is still practical, with a small section on the side that will hold your used pouches (use this if there is no trash can nearby, rather than throwing your used pouches on the ground).

What flavours does Shiro offer?

The Shiro nicotine pouch flavours are rather playful and unique, with tastes such as pina colada, mojito and cuba libre. Of course, they also offer the standard mint variants that are so popular among nicotine pouch users. However, if you want to get into a weekend mood, why not try out the variants on option!

What nicotine strengths are available in Shiro nicotine pouches?

Shiro's range caters to everyone – from novice to nicotine veterans. The regular (and lowest) nicotine strength that Shiro offers is 6 mg/g of nicotine. The strong variant offers 10 mg/g, while the X-strong option contains 24 mg/g. The strength of the product is displayed on the front of the can, as "Strong" and X-Strong". If the can does not display a strength, it means that the variant is the 6 mg/g regular pouch. 

How to use Shiro nicotine pouches

Users of Shiro pouches have praised the brand for how snug and comfortable it is to use these pouches. Their slim size fits perfectly and discreetly under the top lip. Shiro nicotine pouches are also all white and will therefore not stain your teeth. In fact, shiro is the Japanese word for white, again emphasizing its all white qualities. All white pouches also have minimal drip, which allow the nicotine strength and flavour to last longer during use.

As with the vast majority of nicotine pouches, Shiro pouches are dry, and therefore require some moisture to begin the nicotine absorption process. Most users tend to place the pouch on their tongue, before using their tongue to push the pouch into place underneath their top lip. It is most common to keep a nicotine pouch nestled between your top lip and gums for 30-40 minutes, before discreetly removing it and disposing of it in a regular trash can. Please remember the extra space for used pouches if you are nowhere near a bin.

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