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What are Pose nicotine pouches? A guide

What are Pose nicotine pouches? A guide

Pose nicotine pouches are very innovative and different from their competitors, as they have been made with a chewing gum base. Hence their slogan "Chew 'n' Park". You can choose to chew your pouch or place it under your lip – or even both.

How to use Pose’s “chew ‘n’ Park” nicotine pouches 

Many nicotine pouches are dry, and therefore need a bit of saliva to kick start the nicotine absorption process. Pose has circumvented that problem by producing pouches with a chewing gum base, so that you can chew and moisten your pouch without it sitting awkwardly on your tongue. Once you are finished chewing, you can simply and easily move the pouch up to your top lip and "park" it there. If you do not want to place the pouch underneath your lip, you can carry on chewing it for the entire consumption duration. 

If you feel a slight tingle or burning sensation when you first start using Pose nicotine pouches, do not worry. This is a common experience for beginner nicotine pouch users, and is merely the nicotine being absorbed through your gums and into your bloodstream. You can move the pouch around to different parts of your lip to alleviate this feeling. This sensation disappears as you use the pouches more. 

The flavour in Pose nicotine pouches tend to last around 30-40 minutes, after which time you can dispose of the pouch in the regular trash can.  

Pose nicotine pouches are all white, and very discreet and small, which means that they will not stain your teeth or be noticeable if you use them in a public space.

Pose packaging

Pose's cans are slightly smaller than usual, and have a funky jeans image on the front. These jeans have a "hole" in the pocket that is transparent, showing you the inside of the can – so you can see exactly what you are buying.  

The cans also have a very convenient catch space on the side that can store used nicotine pouches. This is to prevent users from littering with their Pose pouches. Instead, they can retain the pouches in the can until they find a proper place to discard them. 

Each can weighs 7.5 grams (the perfect weight for the back pocket of your jeans), with each pouch weighing around 0.37 grams. There are 20 pouches in each can of Pose.

The flavours and strength of Pose nicotine pouches

Pose nicotine pouches are available in a range of different tastes, such as mint, citrus and coffee. The flavour of the product is clearly marked on the front of the Pose can. After the 30-40 minute usage time, the flavour will start to fade. 

There are two different strength variants – 4 mg and 7 mg. These are pretty regular strengths, and Pose does not offer pouches on the stronger side. The strength of the variant is displayed on both the front and side of the cans using a circular measure. 4 mg strength is equal to two filled circles, and 7 mg is equal to three filled circles.

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