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Thunder Nicotine Pouches Guide

A Guide to Thunder Nicotine Pouches

Thunder nicotine pouches were created by V2 Tobacco (who were acquired by Swedish Match in 2017), as their first venture into creating all-white nicotine pouches after seeing the demand for tobacco-free products. The Thunder nicotine pouches were created to be an all-white version of their leading snus line, Thunder snus, and have been gaining popularity ever since their release.


What is unique about Thunder nicotine pouches?

There are two words that can be used to describe Thunder nicotine products: Extra Strong. Compared to other brands on the market, Thunder provides a high-impact experience with a high level of nicotine (up to 13mg of nicotine per pouch). Each pouch provides a user with bold flavours in a smooth experience. Their pouches are in a slim design to create an optimised yet discreet experience.


How to Use Thunder Nicotine Pouches

To use make the most of your Thunder nicotine pouch, take the pouch and place it between your top lip and gum. Each pouch lasts around 30 minutes - so sit back and enjoy!

What flavours and strengths are available?

Thunder nicotine pouches can be found in a range of uniquely intense flavours that differ from other popular brands such as ZYN, Nordic Spirit and Skruf. Currently in the UK, you can find

All flavours, apart from Thunder Citrus, contain menthol which will create a powerful chilling sensation.

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