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The history of snus and nicotine pouches

The history of snus and nicotine pouches

How did Snus become such a Swedish thing and how did it all begin?

Swedish snus farmers

It all began back in the 1800s when Swedish farmers discovered a method of mixing tobacco leaves with salt and water. The result was a moist mixture of tobacco with a unique taste profile that was put under the lip. 


As snus rose in popularity, factories were created to meet the new demand. Different brands and flavors started to evolve on the new market which accelerated the demand even further. 

Swedes emigrate to the US 

During the 1900s over one million Swedes emigrated to the US in search of better opportunities. At this point in time, snus had been so culturally attached that the Swedes brought the tradition overseas. The Americans had however already discovered chewing tobacco so the overnight success was left out. This explains why snus is still culturally attached to Sweden, as we were the first to consume and bring the products overseas.

Modernization of the snus 

During the 21st century, society became more aware of the side effects of tobacco usage. Swedish Match saw a demand for a safer way to consume nicotine and began a process in which the nicotine was separated from the tobacco. The result was the new All-white segment which could be enjoyed without side-effects. 


The new segment has seen an enormous rise in popularity and nicotine-pouches is now one of the most sought after products on the market - not only in Sweden but worldwide.

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